Thursday, April 14

Introduction to my embroidery book!

this is me holding my book for the first time

My lovely friends,

I may be one of the happiest person in the entire world right now, as my book, my very first book has been published here in Japan and will officially release on Friday, April 15 (tomorrow!). I received the first copies earlier this week. What an incredible feeling!

I had been sharing the process of making this book in February, with a few behind-the-scene pictures of our shooting in Tokyo (check out the post here), after which I got extremely busy writing all of the instructions and creating all the drawings for the how-to pages. Because, hey yeah, this is a DIY kind of book, where I share with the world how I create my accessories, the materials I used and a little bit of my story... This book is published here by my Japanese publisher, which of course means it's all in Japanese - I wrote it in English though. 

I was in charge of getting all my instructions translated, so I worked hard (and prayed even harder) to find the awesome people who were going to help make it happen. I set up a team of three translators and we accomplished the task of writing, drawing and translating 30 pages in just three weeks! My special thanks go to my supportive translation team: Nao Lincoln, Masako Yosano and Tomoko Nakayama, for their hard-work and dedication. You are amazing ladies!

I must also thank the initiator of this project, Mieko Akima-san, creative producer, founder & owner of the wonderful Gallery Palette. This book wouldn't been here without her massive initiative, support and creativity. All photographs in the book are the stunning work of Ayako Hachisu-san, while the graphic design was done by the talented designer Kaori Maehara-san. My DIY instructions translated into Japanese were edited by Masayo Ono-san, who also coordinated everything with the graphic designer. 

So, this book is the result of a beautiful teamwork between people with different backgrounds, nationalities and path of life. We didn't even have a common language as my Japanese is not very good, but somehow, we made it happen. If there is something to keep from this project, is that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard, be understanding and patient. 
Dream big, smile and stay positive!

Now let's have a peek into the book:

Update: How to order the book

  • If you are based in Japan, or if you can read Japanese
Get your copy via the publisher's website (click here); orders are processed by Amazon Japan.
  • International orders:

My international customers can order the book directly from me, the advantage is that they will receive a signed copy (please specify in your email if you DON'T want a signed copy). This is the current process:
1. Email me your email address and shipping address at marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com
2. I will send you a Paypal invoice within two working days after receiving your email 
3. Once your payment has been processed, I will mail you the book, usually within 1-3 days.

Cost: the book costs 
$22 -> $13 + $9 flat shipping rate (via airmail). 

If you have any question, feel free to email me at marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com. Thank you!


Now you may wonder what's coming next. I am happy to announce that I will spend the entire day on April 28 at the Tokyo Hobby Show, at Big Sight. You can find me at my sponsors' booths, which I will share with you later one. I will most probably write most of my updates on my (NEW) Facebook page, so follow me there if you want to know where to find me at the Hobby Show. Thank you!

This book was proudly supported by Toho Beads | Sunfelt | DMC

Read more about the book - the behind-the-scene and my sponsors in my previous blogspots: here and here.

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