Monday, February 15

My first book - Part 1 - Shooting Days


My last blog post was just a month ago but it seems it was ages ago! So much has happened since then, ad so much work has been accomplished it was impossible for me to sign in and write an update. I felt the urge to blog today, as I can't possibly wait any longer to share some photos of the shooting of my book. It happened during the last week of January over three days and it took place at  Gallery Palette in Tokyo. 

What an experience!

We started on a Tuesday morning at 9:30am to end on the Thursday evening at 10:30pm, I was completely wiped out at the end of this exciting "marathon". We shot the book with photographer Ayako Hachisu-san, who was absolutely amazing. She even brought some of her vintage props as I was clearly short of items to style my products - big lesson here guys, shopping at the flea market is in order this summer when I will go back to France! 

Mieko Akima-san, founder and director of Gallery Palette, was of course part of the crew - this book project wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for her vision, hard work and wonderful support. She helped me a lot and guided me with the styling of each photo, it was quite overwhelming to at first to style in front of many people. You also go through moments when inspiration is striking, and then nothing seems to work out and frustration arises -> a break is needed!

Akima-san in action! 

 and more props...
 I was too excited to feel tired!!

 hello Hachisu-san!

 this was our ironing station...
 luckily we always stopped for a well-deserved lunch break, and our first lunch was home-cooked by Kaburagi-san, the person representing the publishing company. So delicious!

 The photographer being photographed!

 Smile Hachisu-san and Akima-san!

 in action...

I recreated my (ideal) working space at the gallery, it was really nice to focus on bringing together my favorite pieces and decorate table, walls and shelves. I aim to re-decorate my own space at home as well, it's a beautiful mess right now as I am working non-stop and don't take the time to organize materials and styling props and archive past projets.

This photo was taken the last day, shooting was almost over, I had not slept the previous night. 
Not sure how I could look decent with almost no make-up on (I am very bad at make-up!). I also wish I had been to the hairdresser for a haircut, oh well...

Since then I have been working as hard on the how-to pages of the book: the detailed instructions for all the projects included in the book - 30 pages that I am getting translated as I go. I have hired a team of three translators to get the work done. It's been nice working with a team actually, it feels less lonely ;-)

You can follow my progress on Instagram or Facebook, and if you want to learn more details about the book, just read the previous post (click here).

Thank you for your support!

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