Monday, January 18

My first DIY book!

Dear friends,

Time has come for me to announce you the wonderful project I am currently working on. I have been holding the news for quite a while, partly because I couldn't believe it was actually happening, and partly because of a lack of time and energy. 
I am now dedicating my entire time to this "secret" project, and going over deadlines after deadlines so it really feels like it's the right time to spill everything out!

Well, friends, I am currently working on my very first DIY accessory book, which will get published by a Japanese publisher (Tatsumi publishing) in April 2016!! It's amazing, exciting, fabulous, wonderful, crazy and fun -
BUT also extremely busy, tiring, stressful and quite hard (I am saying that I am going to give birth to my first book - haha).

I owe this great opportunity to my current agent-manager Mieko Akima, with whom I have collaborated in the past two years: first for the first three editions of Japanese craft magazine Tukutte, then for my last two exhibitions at Gallery Palette in Tokyo in 2015. I am working hand-in-hand with Akima-san to create this book, it's been a very rewarding experience and I have learnt a lot in the process - and I am still learning.

The book will officially launch at the end of April 2016 at the Tokyo Hobby Show. I will then hold my third exhibition with lots of workshops and of course you will be able to purchase the book and get it signed on the spot! It sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

I won't lie, it's a ton of work and I have extremely busy days and weeks ahead of me, but it's also an exciting "ride" and I am making sure to enjoy every moment of it! Will you tag along? The best way to follow my journey is to follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I post pictures daily. Here below are a few excerpts of my work for the book:

This is a quick look at my presentation table (after meeting, so it looks a bit messy) for the last big meeting we had last Friday. Everything got validated, so now I "just" have to finish all the pieces and prepare for the shooting which is taking place next week. I am also in charge of the styling of the shoot, so I must prepare my props and get ready for this performance - another first for me! 

As soon as the shoot will be over, I will start working on the sketches and instruction for each project. That alone is maybe the most daunting task ahead of me, as it will require drawing skills and the utmost precision to explain at clearly as possible how to realize the pieces on your own - once you have purchased the book. Wish me luck!

  • I am in charge of the content of the book, 
  • the styling of the photos 
  • as well as the redaction of all the process pages. 
  • the book will have 80 pages (including 64 pages in colors) 
  • roughly a B5 format (18 x 24cm)
  • it will launch at the 40th edition of the Hobby Show in Tokyo (April 28-30, 2016)
  • my 3rd exhibition will take place at Gallery Palette from May 17-22, 2016

I must also mention my amazing sponsors for this book, who are providing me with the very best materials available in the market: 
  • Toho Beads Japan : a worldwide famous Japanese company specializing in beads and craft materials. I am working with their beautiful beads, sequins (called spangles) and I will also use the chains, earring hooks, bracelet and brooch parts. See their online catalogue here. A super supportive team to work with, and definitely gorgeous products!

  • Sunfelt: a Japanese company specializing in felt. Last year I visited their showroom located in Eastern Tokyo, and it was heaven on Earth for felt lovers. Regular woolen felt in all colors, hard felt, punching felt, you name it! Their team is a dream to work with too, and I had my best tempura at a little family-owned restaurant nearby the showroom. Bliss!
  • DMC Japan: A renown French company born in the 18th century in Alsace, DMC is most known for their extended and beautiful embroidery threads. I personally use their Coton Perlé #8 a lot (I'm aiming to own each and every color of the collection!), and I am now getting addicted to their mouliné color variation - especially the very last collection which I had the privilege to use for the book. And again, their team is wonderful and a dream to work with (I am repeating myself, but I am blessed to be able to work with such supportive people).

So all I have to say now is:

(Thank you!)


caroline said...

Un grand bravo!! Quel beau projet et excitante experience!!! Tu en seras très fière j en suis sure!!

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