Thursday, August 20

A weekend in Paris

Welcome back friends!

Today I am celebrating my first day back at the Studio after a very very long summer break... As always the kids and I spent a few weeks in France - in the country side, and as always I escaped a few days in Paris to attend the Playtime trade show and touch base with my friends. 
If you go to Paris soon, here are a few of the places I checked out that may be worth a visit...

#1 Restaurant Au Sésame, along the Canal St Martin. Great for lazy Sunday brunches or a quick lunch... I love the vibe, friendly staff and good food. Very nice in the evening too as the Canal St Martin is a pretty vibrant place to be!

#2 Bleuet Coquelicot: in the same area is an interesting little flower shop and cabinet de curiosité called Bleuet Coquelicot.

#3 Restaurant Claus: closer to Louvre-Rivoli, Claus seems the perfect place for a rather copious breakfast - in fact, probably the ideal brunch if you are really hungry.
The restaurant has now extended to an épicerie on the opposite side of the road.
-> it's not exactly cheap, and it's best to make a reservation first as it's quite popular. No aircon!

#4 La Pâtisserie des Rêves: I had been following them for a while on Instagram and everything seemed so delicious. We visited their corner shop at le BHV at the end of the day. It was good but I was disappointed by the service and the overall look of the place. It's probably better to go to their main stores.

La Pâtisserie des Rêves with Laëtitia alias stylemelia

#5 Shopping at BA&SH, rue Etienne Marcel: I wasn't very familiar with the brand, but I loved their flagship store. Everything was desirable, wallpaper included!

Long, hot summer nights in Paris are something special, especially when you have a balcony!

with my friend Rosy (@inspirationkinses) who came all the way from Brussels to see me! 

I was super happy to meet up with French jewelry designer Natacha Plano, as we had been in touch on Instagram for a while and I really love her delightful work - especially the dolls! We managed to have breakfast together before heading to Playtime Paris, it was sweet, thank you again Natacha.

I am the happy owner of Ninon ♡

I had yet another breakfast with my dear friend Blandine, who is always super positive and enthusiastic and she's also very creative. I am glad we could meet up on such short notice, I can't remember of missing a meet-up over the past 10 years (as long as I was going to Paris anyway).

I want to thank them all again for taking the time to meet up with me. Love you girls! bisous...


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