Wednesday, June 3

Exhibition :: Le Jardin Secret de Marie {Part 3}

Photo collage by Mieko Akima, owner of Gallery Palette


I am closing the series of posts about the exhibition with one featuring the pictures that visitors out together to create amazing collages and share on their social media platforms. It surely created the buzz and allowed many new people to come check out the exhibition and get to know my work. I have added the links to blogs and websites whenever possible, so please make sure to check them out!
 Photo collage by Harumi Watanabe, founder and designer at Folk made

Photo collage by Mayumi Takahashi, who creates beautiful embroideries

Photo collage by Tomoko Kitamura,a flower artist in Tokyo 

Photo collage by Yoko Kato

Photo collage by Mayumi Takahashi, who attended a workshop in June and created the delightful pair of earrings!

Photo collage by Yoko Yanagisawa.

Photos by Hitomi Inoue, a famous cartonnage artist in Tokyo.

Inoue-san was kind enough to write two blogposts about the exhibition which you can discover here and here (in Japanese). Please kindly check her blog or Facebook page for all informations about the cartonnage workshops she gives in Tokyo frequently. 

Read the previous posts covering this amazing event: {Part 1} and {Part 2}


Thank you so much for reading these posts and for your amazing support over the past 6 months here or on my social media platforms [Facebook] [Instagram]


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