Tuesday, June 9

Bonheur du Jour Private Sale {report}

Hello! I wanted to share a few photos from last weekend's private sale... I was holding an intimate sale for the lovely label Bonheur du Jour, from France, at my home in Tokyo. Guests could choose among the pieces of the Spring/ Summer collection I had personally selected for the event.
It was lovely, and I am hoping to have another event this winter again... If you live in Tokyo and are interested in this kind of event, please kindly drop me an email [marie@etincellecreativestudio.com] and I will add you to the mailing list.

Thank you to everyone who came, your order will be here soon.
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 3

Bonheur du Jour, un petit coin de paradis...


You are kindly invited to the private sale of the Spring-Summer collection of French label Bonheur du Jour Paris!

Bonheur du Jour was founded in 2012 by Catherine Duffossez-Devianne, a mother of four and a talented designer who has been in the French fashion & textile industry for over 25 years (and the 5th-generation!). 
Bonheur du Jour literally means "happiness of the day" in French and aims to bring a daily French touch to little ones all over the world. 
The 2015 S/S collection includes natural fabrics such as cotton and linen in a soft colour palette, highlighted with original embroideries and cute details in neon colours. 

Sizes from 3 months up to 12 years.

Pompom blouse
Tulipe top & Cosi skirt 

Libellule T shirt
Porcelaine & Poppies dresses

When: Friday (JUN 5) & Saturday (JUN 6) 
From 11am to 3pm
Where: at my home in Tamagawa Den-enchofu, 
Setagaya-ku 158-0085

How to attend? 
-> kindly RSVP to Marie at:
marie.maglaque@gmail.com or 080-4888-1980 in order to receive the detailed address.

NB: you will be able to place an order at the private sale; clothes will be delivered within 10 working days and available for pick up mid-June.
Payment at delivery - by cash.
Limited stocks available.

Please feel free to come and check out the collection and chit chat in a relaxed atmosphere ~

A bientôt!

Reporter 100% cotton shirt

Exhibition :: Le Jardin Secret de Marie {Part 3}

Photo collage by Mieko Akima, owner of Gallery Palette


I am closing the series of posts about the exhibition with one featuring the pictures that visitors out together to create amazing collages and share on their social media platforms. It surely created the buzz and allowed many new people to come check out the exhibition and get to know my work. I have added the links to blogs and websites whenever possible, so please make sure to check them out!
 Photo collage by Harumi Watanabe, founder and designer at Folk made

Photo collage by Mayumi Takahashi, who creates beautiful embroideries

Photo collage by Tomoko Kitamura,a flower artist in Tokyo 

Photo collage by Yoko Kato

Photo collage by Mayumi Takahashi, who attended a workshop in June and created the delightful pair of earrings!

Photo collage by Yoko Yanagisawa.

Photos by Hitomi Inoue, a famous cartonnage artist in Tokyo.

Inoue-san was kind enough to write two blogposts about the exhibition which you can discover here and here (in Japanese). Please kindly check her blog or Facebook page for all informations about the cartonnage workshops she gives in Tokyo frequently. 

Read the previous posts covering this amazing event: {Part 1} and {Part 2}


Thank you so much for reading these posts and for your amazing support over the past 6 months here or on my social media platforms [Facebook] [Instagram]

Tuesday, June 2

Exhibition :: Le Jardin Secret de Marie {Part 2}


Good news, I have finally completed the editing of all the pictures related to last month's exhibition at Gallery Palette, Le Jardin Secret de Marie [Marie's Secret Garden]. I never thought it would take me so long to put together these posts for you - who live far away and couldn't attend the event!

I gave a series of workshops during the exhibition and participants created their embroidered accessories such as flower brooches or bracelets, in their own color combo. It was a challenge for me (I had up to 10 participants and had to speak in Japanese at times) as well as an amazing experience. After all it was my first solo exhibition ever, and I worked on it for several month: coming up with the theme, the decoration and of course creating the pieces that would be showcased, preparing for the workshops projects and teaching materials too. I surely gained a lot of insights and strength since the beginning of the year, and I am grateful to everyone who was able to give me a hand & support me when I had low spirits thinking I could never make it.

Let's discover the week in pictures, I hope you enjoy this post, one of the longest I have ever done for the blog!

Akima-san and I proudly presenting

Paper flowers enhancing a simple light garland and brightening up the space

the very popular fake flowers wall in the entrance!

Hand-embroidered Mexican baskets

the arch in the entrance was Akima-san's idea and came to life under the magical hands 
of my assistant and friend Nao Lincoln

many friends granted me their visit and it made me so happy!

I should have made many more pairs of earrings as they literally flew off the shelves!

Sporting out my very own hat, which I used as a prop in my set-up

Gorgeous dahlias offered by Akima-san, what a pleasure to the eyes!

thank you for coming ladies!

blue accessories were a lot more popular than I thought they would be!

new day, new outfit! 

a single flower can brighten up your day & interior when it's that pretty!
the color is spot on and matches so well with the turquoise glass.

friends of friends came too, thank you so much!

preparing the beads color palette for the workshops

more blooms and a very happy me!

10 happy participants to the Thursday workshop...

 a talented participant wearing her new brooch!

this lemon cake was home baked by one of my regular workshop students, 
and it tasted amazing. Thank you so much Maki-san!

brooches are all gone!

framing my square photos with masking tape is fun!

more blooms!

the necklace pictured on the invitation has been sold...

the bigger brooches were also very popular and they are all gone!

The Mini Me dolls had their very own colourful corner in the gallery! There were many of them, all  unique with different colour combinations...

We held a little party, French style, at the end of the exhibition to thank everyone who participated and helped out, it was a very lovely way to close up this amazing week. We had pasta salad, hummus, baguette and cheese, and of course wine and champagne!

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