Wednesday, May 27

Exhibition :: Le Jardin Secret de Marie {Part 1}

Using a lot of DMC's cotton perlé #8 in all colors...

Hello everyone,

It's been one entire month since my last post, and what a crazy month I have gone through. It was totally exhilarating and extremely exhausting at the same time. I managed to juggle hundreds of tasks - except updating the blog obviously, and I could only do it thanks to all the support received from my husband and friends. 

The exhibition week was an absolute delight, it was a dream come true. I met with many friendly and interesting people, got challenged a few times but everything ran rather smoothly. I taught several embroidery workshops, all successful and fun!

Here below are a few pictures of the "BEFORE" exhibition, and all the preps that were involved in the process. I created a wide range of products, from earrings to pendants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and bags; the Mini Me dolls were part of the fun too ~
I was of course in charge of the set up and decoration of the gallery, which took me 2 days (approximately 10 hours). 

The day I received the DM was a Saturday and I was as excited as a little girl opening her birthday gift! I had worked on the art direction with Hiki of Uguisu who was in charge of the graphic design and my assistant Nao Lincoln who took the photo of the necklace and did all the Japanese translation.
We've received a lot of great comments about it, so I assume we did a great job :-)

My studio was in a constant mess during the weeks leading to the exhibition, as I was working on several products at the same time, switching and making progress slowly. Here above is one of the butterflies that was later on became a pendant.

One of the biggest mistake I made (and I have learnt from it) was to not complete each product straight away. I was finishing the embroidery but left the rest (such as the back with the brooch part) for later. As a result I had to complete all of the products at once and the last week before setting up. Nightmare!

I had a stock of handwoven Mexican baskets from trensa, and I customized a few pieces for this exhibition. Below is a before/ after using the biggest sequin I have; some bags were lined with colorful fabrics.

I had worked on three options for the workshops: a flower brooch, a bracelet or a flower pendant.
The brooch one was by far the most popular one! Below a photo of the workshop sample being completed.

Satisfaction hit me two weeks before the exhibition when I saw the amount of stock was slowly rising... There was still much work ahead though!

 the stock of earrings is slowly building up...

Two weeks before the exhibition, I call my friend Yoko to the rescue! I need her precious help to make the paper flowers for the two light garlands. We arranged playdates so that our kids can play while Yoko works and I continue creating my accessories. In total: 48 paper flowers! 
The result is stunning, so it was completely worth it!

 the materials for the paper garlands...

I created three necklaces in total - I still have plenty of color combinations in mind but I have no time to work on such huge pieces right now. I juts want to say that they look very nice and surely enough make a statement!

 Brooch, earrings and necklaces...

 one of my favourite pieces!

finished bracelets, brooch and Mini Me doll

current wall decoration in my living room; the word "merci" is from Bcbasics
a fabulous online shop that has been supporting me!

I started working on this project in January 2015 and by March I was dedicating 100% of my time to the exhibition. I had clearly under-evaluated the tremendous amount of work requested, although unexpected events happened along the way in my personal life that sank my schedule and its deadlines. Lesson learnt!

I am preparing the Part 2 of this series of posts which will be all about the exhibition itself... 
Stay tuned!

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