Monday, April 13

Rainy Spring Day in Tokyo

 On the way to the park...

Good morning from Tokyo!

Last Saturday I missed my morning yoga class - I had a bad night and started the day in the wrong mood, and ended up spending an hour and a half at the park instead, alone in my rain boots & coat. We've had so much rain lately in Tokyo that it starts to affect me and my productivity at work too. I realised though that rainy days can be quite beautiful too, and it was very refreshing to spend some time at the park just wandering around and reflecting about things that are happening at the moment. Spring is my favorite season and I have fond memories from my childhood of our weekly Sunday hikes with my family all year round - something I didn't always enjoy doing, truth be told. In Spring my dad would emphasize how fresh and energetic the forest would look in her brand new green coat of leaves. It felt pretty special indeed!

It's raining again today, but I am happy it's Monday. I wish you a beautiful week ahead, and I hope that Spring has arrived in your part of the world. Make sure you take some time to admire nature's gift to you!

A little stroll at Tamagawadai park, Tokyo, April 2015

Photos Marie Maglaque - All rights reserved


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