Tuesday, February 10

DIY Glass Deco Stickers

Glass stickers are perfect to adorn the glass bottles 
I am using for my party styling!

Hello friends!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I need to post this little DIY for you to try at home. It all started when my daughter received at Christmas this craft kit to make window stickers. I adapted the shapes for my son, and naturally imagined that it would make a very nice window decoration for the upcoming Valentine's Day an my workshops - I like to introduce new crafts and decoration ideas to the participants. 

The kit didn't include the colours I needed for the craft, so I went to the shop (Yuzawaya) to find something similar. I didn't want to outline the hearts with black so I set my choice for the three colours featured in my photo below. 
Kids, especially girls, will enjoy this craft. My five-year-old boy made a couple of cars & trucks stickers to decorate his bedroom windows and he was very proud of it!

Check out the simple steps of this DIY below and get some of "glass deco" products next time you are at the craft store!

#1 Materials

> prepare as many colours as requested for your project. I was drawing hearts so naturally went for pinkish shades. I chose a dark pink for the outline (which turned out to be red once dry), and a light pink + white to fill up the hearts. 
> red glitter for the glam
> a plastic sheet - you can use a plastic folder for instance.

#2 Outline the shapes

> I didn't use any template to draw my hearts, but if you are tackling a more complex subject or if you don't feel confident enough to draw, I recommend that you search and print some templates from the internet or books first. 
> Once you have drawn the outlines, let dry for a couple of hours - drying time varies depending on each product, please check the instruction prior to starting this craft. Mine was about 2-3 hours. 
> If you are doing it with a child, it's best to explain first that drying time is necessary - set  some expectation to avoid frustration!

#3 Filling 

> Once the outlines are dry, you can start filling up the shapes - carefully and without going over the lines.
> If you are using glitter, it's the time to apply some too. 
> At this stage I typically left my stickers dry over night. 

> I went out for a lace-like, fancier design as seen in the picture below. Just make sure that lines stay connected and that they aren't too thin.

Once dry, the stickers are easily removable from the plastic sheet and can be displayed on your windows, or as shown below, on glass bottles. I haven't tried it yet but you could try to write names or short messages too. 

Let me know if you try it out!


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