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The fabulous world of Akari Uragami {Tokyo}

 the front window of Hasu No Hana

I was extremely lucky to be introduced to a wonderful place located in Unoki, Ota-Ku (Tokyo) at the end of last year. My lovely friend Yuko of trensa definitely knows the best and most unique spots - she had introduced me to Susu and Shohan Bunko as well. 

Hasu no Hana is a café-gallery with very unique architectural features - which I will unveil in an upcoming post, run by Kazue Fukuma. It's located in suburban Tokyo, not far from the Tamagawa river (West Tokyo) and only 15mins away from my home. Artists are carefully selected by Kazue Fukuma, you are in for a treat every single time! 

The last exhibition of 2014 was featuring textile and costume artist Akari Uragami, and I was blown away by her stunning creations and her very colourful world. I invite you to check out her past collections here, as there is more to admire than what my photos show below. 

inspired by the coral reefs & creatures of the sea

Akari Uragami graduated from the Musashino Art University in 2012 and has since then exhibited her work in different location in Japan as well as producing items in collaboration with Aires! 
The artist creates very beautiful accessories (bags, earrings, tights, scarfs, handkerchief) as well as wall art and paintings. What inspired me most however were all her costume pieces, and especially her graduation work that shows so much maturity and excellence.

Hand-dyed shawls 

organic & psychedelic shapes inspired by nature 
seem to be the artist's signature  

Newly launched and made-to-order: beautiful silk-screened T-shirt

Handmade fish-eye kimono - unique piece, personal collection of the artist

paintings and collages

this piece is a dress, the graduation masterwork by Akari Uragami. She received the Excellence Graduation Award for it at Musashino Art University. 
More stunning photos on her website - click here.

This post is coming to an end, and I hope it inspired you in one way or another to create something today. You can easily follow Akari Uragami's upcoming exhibition and work via her website, instagram and blog. I will make sure to keep you posted as well on my facebook page!

Akari Uragami :: Website :: Tumblr :: Instagram

And as mentioned above, there will be a dedicated post on Hasu no Hana coming up soon, as this place is so special I want you near and far to know all about it!

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