Monday, January 26

Greeting Cards 2014 - Part 2

Today I am happy to share with you the greeting cards that I created for Etincelle Creative Studio. While I purchased our family card on Tiny Print (review here), I decided to try out another company for future references. I am a regular customer at Vista Print, so I was familiar with their site - I use their services for my invitation cards, business cards or to create photo books (but only their French site for the latter).

The process of choosing a design among the ones available was a little bit easier than with Tiny Prints - where the offer is so vast it makes it hard to choose just one design. Uploading my photo was also very easy and fast, my only regret about this card was the limited choice for the font of the text reading "Thank you for your support.. etc...". I would have liked something a little bit fancier perhaps.

Again I shopped during the Black Friday weekend, and enjoyed a really super good deal (happy me!), so I can't recommend you enough to wait for this time of the year (at the end of November, especially on American sites). Cards come with free envelopes, but I have to say, the paper quality wasn't as good as the Tiny Prints ones. I loved the card itself though, I believe it really represents my work in 2014: the glitter, the shiny, the party atmosphere and of course the Mini Me dolls!

Note: To avoid unpleasant surprises when you are sending your cards, make sure to check out at your local post office how much it will cost you.  I found out too late that the individual shipping cost of letters in Japan depends not only on the weight but also on the SIZE of the letter... something I had completely forgotten when pacing my orders.

I'd love to hear from you if you are sending greeting cards to family, friends or business acquaintances each year. What are your tips, and where do your order your cards?

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