Monday, January 19

Greeting Cards 2014 - Part 1

Our family greeting card - 2014, via Tiny Prints

Hello friends,

Today I would like to share with you the design of my 2014 greeting card. For once I was organised enough to work on two cards: one for the members of my family and close friends, and one for the Studio. I assume that by now the cards sent to the family have all arrived, so I can finally unveil it here on the blog!

I chose to work with Tiny Prints - an American online stationery service, and selected one that worked best for us among hundreds of beautiful designs. It was a bit hard to make a selection but the site has a few features that I found really helpful:
1. you can save your favorite designs
2. you can upload your pictures and see what your card will look like once finished
3. nearly each card comes with 2 to 3 color options

Accidentally only two photos were taken in Japan, 
and the card doesn't reflect the fact that we are currently living in Tokyo... 
but its message very much resumes our mindset!

As expected shipping cost is high (US$45 to Japan - international priority only) but Tiny Prints always have deals going on and since I did my shopping during the Black Friday weekend, I enjoyed a 30% discount that covered almost entirely the shipping fees. 

The process of uploading my pictures and customise the card was easy and straight forward, and once I had decided on a design it was extremely fast to complete the order.

Other good points: communication went very smoothly and I was extremely impressed by the speed in which I received my order (ordered on a Sunday, delivered the very next Wednesday!). Also the cards come with free envelops which are of a beautiful quality. They are other available options which I didn't choose (lined envelops, your address printed in the back, stickers etc...).

Here is one happy customer who can't wait to have another opportunity to order something via Tiny Print!

Design by Petite Alma exclusively for Tiny Prints

On the left is a Daruma doll from Japan, which I am going to talk about in an upcoming post... Have you ever had one?


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