Saturday, January 31

Felted Mushrooms by Iyo Yamamoto {Tokyo}


I am rarely blogging on the weekend but I really wanted to share with you about this delightful exhibition by felt and textile artist Iyo Yamamoto at the galerie-café Hasu no Hana in Unoki. I had the chance to discover her work at Playtime Tokyo back in 2013 and I felt lucky to have another opportunity to admire her delicate replication of nature's wonders and talk with the young artist.

Iyo Yamamoto's inspiration lays in the hidden treasures found in forests, and she seems especially mesmerised by mushrooms. Using felt, textiles as well as beads she re-creates dandelion, mushrooms, lotus, beans or seeds... which are then delicately framed or ready to hang on the wall. You will also be able to admire the giant mushrooms who were created for Playtime - now part of the artist's personal collection. Iyo Yamamoto graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. 

[ Kyoukakuten ] exhibition at Hasu no Hana
Unoki 1-11-7, Ota-ku, Tokyo
until MON Feb 2, 2015
from 12-6pm
2mins walk from Unoki station (Tamagawa line)

©All photos by Marie Maglaque - all rights reserved


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