Tuesday, January 13

A last glimpse at Christmas 2014...

I wanted to share here on the blog a few more images from my decoration this Christmas, as I will take everything done today... It's time to refresh the walls and think of... Spring? oh, not quite yet.

I worked on the Christmas tree shape this year creating two wall decoration and a window decoration using materials/ items that I had around in the studio from past craft projects. I especially enjoyed making the tree on the wall over the sofa with pages taken from magazines that I keep over the years for inspiration as well as old photos of the kids. The star at the top is an hand-embroidered piece I created for this project. I fixed everything with pins & masking tapes, the easiest way to do it!

Our 2012 greeting card was designed by Bonjour Paper...

The second Christmas tree shape was on the wall above the space reserved to my workshop styling. This one is super easy to put together as all you need is one or two punchers (for the stars & circle paper shapes), shiny paper, a pretty thread and pins. Perfect, don't you think?

Candy jars from Today's Kitchen 
and red decoration pieces from Natural Kitchen (in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo)

I should have probably written this post way before Christmas, but what matters (to me at least) is to keep a trace of my work for the future and others. And obviously these wall decoration may inspire you to do the same for other theme and other projects. Happy decorating friends!


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