Saturday, January 31

Felted Mushrooms by Iyo Yamamoto {Tokyo}


I am rarely blogging on the weekend but I really wanted to share with you about this delightful exhibition by felt and textile artist Iyo Yamamoto at the galerie-café Hasu no Hana in Unoki. I had the chance to discover her work at Playtime Tokyo back in 2013 and I felt lucky to have another opportunity to admire her delicate replication of nature's wonders and talk with the young artist.

Iyo Yamamoto's inspiration lays in the hidden treasures found in forests, and she seems especially mesmerised by mushrooms. Using felt, textiles as well as beads she re-creates dandelion, mushrooms, lotus, beans or seeds... which are then delicately framed or ready to hang on the wall. You will also be able to admire the giant mushrooms who were created for Playtime - now part of the artist's personal collection. Iyo Yamamoto graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. 

[ Kyoukakuten ] exhibition at Hasu no Hana
Unoki 1-11-7, Ota-ku, Tokyo
until MON Feb 2, 2015
from 12-6pm
2mins walk from Unoki station (Tamagawa line)

©All photos by Marie Maglaque - all rights reserved

Monday, January 26

Greeting Cards 2014 - Part 2

Today I am happy to share with you the greeting cards that I created for Etincelle Creative Studio. While I purchased our family card on Tiny Print (review here), I decided to try out another company for future references. I am a regular customer at Vista Print, so I was familiar with their site - I use their services for my invitation cards, business cards or to create photo books (but only their French site for the latter).

The process of choosing a design among the ones available was a little bit easier than with Tiny Prints - where the offer is so vast it makes it hard to choose just one design. Uploading my photo was also very easy and fast, my only regret about this card was the limited choice for the font of the text reading "Thank you for your support.. etc...". I would have liked something a little bit fancier perhaps.

Again I shopped during the Black Friday weekend, and enjoyed a really super good deal (happy me!), so I can't recommend you enough to wait for this time of the year (at the end of November, especially on American sites). Cards come with free envelopes, but I have to say, the paper quality wasn't as good as the Tiny Prints ones. I loved the card itself though, I believe it really represents my work in 2014: the glitter, the shiny, the party atmosphere and of course the Mini Me dolls!

Note: To avoid unpleasant surprises when you are sending your cards, make sure to check out at your local post office how much it will cost you.  I found out too late that the individual shipping cost of letters in Japan depends not only on the weight but also on the SIZE of the letter... something I had completely forgotten when pacing my orders.

I'd love to hear from you if you are sending greeting cards to family, friends or business acquaintances each year. What are your tips, and where do your order your cards?

// Play catch up with the Part 1 and discover our family greeting card! click here //

Friday, January 23

Valentine's Day Cookie Decoration Workshop {Tokyo}

A beautiful set of cookies by Chikako Yamamoto

Hello everyone!

I hope you don't mind all the posts this week, since it's a bit unusual... There is much to share and to prepare this month!

You may have heard about the new series of cookie decoration workshops which will take place at the beginning of February, just in time for Valentine's Day. I am teaming up once more with Chikako Yamamoto of DDbistro and Niki's Kitchen to offer participants the opportunity to indulge in the art of decorating cookies with sugar paste. I am also currently working on some party decoration which include the DIY project posted yesterday.

Participants will have a set of about 10 cookies each to decorate after carefully listening to the instructions and learning how to work with the sugar paste. A home-cooked lunch will follow, which we always enjoy as we spend time all together chatting and exchanging information and ideas.

On the menu in February:
- starter: carrot salad, French style
- main: roasted porc slices served with gratin dauphinois (a French potatoes gratin)
- dessert: almond and apricots pie
- drinks: fruit juice, water

I kinda love these three hearts...

All three workshops are fully booked (thank you!) and I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone who has signed up. If you are interested in joining us in the future, please join Niki's Kitchen community or follow me on Facebook where upcoming workshops are announced.

For all information regarding this series of workshops, please click here (in Japanese) or here (in English).

©All photos by Chikako Yamamoto - all rights reserved.

Wednesday, January 21

DIY Valentine's Day Garland

Hello lovelies!

As I was preparing for a Valentine's Day party styling, I thought of putting together the DIY of my backdrop so that you can try it out at home too. It's a simple one, as long as you own a very handy Martha Stewart craft puncher to make the hearts. You can choose to make one or several garlands depending on the use you want to make of it.

Why should you get one you ask? Well, it will make your life so much easier when it comes to paper crafts: to create garlands, place cards, enhance your cards and letters, do some scrapbooking along the way and so much more! Once you get hooked on craft punchers you won't look back, and will most probably start your own collection - I have 14 pieces as of now. 

Let's get started!

#1 Materials

a heart craft puncher* - here is the Martha Stewart one I am using for this craft
a nice gold thread
a pair of scissors
masking tape or simple tape
3 to 4 different paper colours - not too thick 

#2 Punch!

Punch as many heart as you want to create one very long garland, or several short ones. You never have too many hearts... And if you don't use all of them today, save them in an envelop for another use - enhance the wrapping of a gift, use as a gift tag, decorate your straws etc...

#3 Assembling the garland

Fix the heart that will be at the bottom of the garland (if hung vertically) with a tiny stripe of masking tape. Fix the next heart at about 10cm from the first one; the space between each heart can be changed of course, depending on the effect you want to give. 

#4 Hang up your garland(s)!

As mentioned earlier, I made these garlands as a backdrop for a Valentine's Day party table that I am currently creating. You can use your garland anywhere in the house - at any time. It would be great in your child's bedroom or playroom, as well as in your craft room or in your entrance. You could also use it in a gift wrapping... The sky is the limit!

Feel free to share your crafts with me by leaving a link to your blog or photo in the comment section below, or tag me on Instagram @etincellestudio.

Happy crafting friends! 

* WRAPPLE craft shop in Parco Shibuya has a nice range of Martha Stewart craft punchers. Check it out!

©All photos by Marie Maglaque - All rights reserved

The fabulous world of Akari Uragami {Tokyo}

 the front window of Hasu No Hana

I was extremely lucky to be introduced to a wonderful place located in Unoki, Ota-Ku (Tokyo) at the end of last year. My lovely friend Yuko of trensa definitely knows the best and most unique spots - she had introduced me to Susu and Shohan Bunko as well. 

Hasu no Hana is a café-gallery with very unique architectural features - which I will unveil in an upcoming post, run by Kazue Fukuma. It's located in suburban Tokyo, not far from the Tamagawa river (West Tokyo) and only 15mins away from my home. Artists are carefully selected by Kazue Fukuma, you are in for a treat every single time! 

The last exhibition of 2014 was featuring textile and costume artist Akari Uragami, and I was blown away by her stunning creations and her very colourful world. I invite you to check out her past collections here, as there is more to admire than what my photos show below. 

inspired by the coral reefs & creatures of the sea

Akari Uragami graduated from the Musashino Art University in 2012 and has since then exhibited her work in different location in Japan as well as producing items in collaboration with Aires! 
The artist creates very beautiful accessories (bags, earrings, tights, scarfs, handkerchief) as well as wall art and paintings. What inspired me most however were all her costume pieces, and especially her graduation work that shows so much maturity and excellence.

Hand-dyed shawls 

organic & psychedelic shapes inspired by nature 
seem to be the artist's signature  

Newly launched and made-to-order: beautiful silk-screened T-shirt

Handmade fish-eye kimono - unique piece, personal collection of the artist

paintings and collages

this piece is a dress, the graduation masterwork by Akari Uragami. She received the Excellence Graduation Award for it at Musashino Art University. 
More stunning photos on her website - click here.

This post is coming to an end, and I hope it inspired you in one way or another to create something today. You can easily follow Akari Uragami's upcoming exhibition and work via her website, instagram and blog. I will make sure to keep you posted as well on my facebook page!

Akari Uragami :: Website :: Tumblr :: Instagram

And as mentioned above, there will be a dedicated post on Hasu no Hana coming up soon, as this place is so special I want you near and far to know all about it!

©All photos by Marie Maglaque - All rights reserved

Monday, January 19

Greeting Cards 2014 - Part 1

Our family greeting card - 2014, via Tiny Prints

Hello friends,

Today I would like to share with you the design of my 2014 greeting card. For once I was organised enough to work on two cards: one for the members of my family and close friends, and one for the Studio. I assume that by now the cards sent to the family have all arrived, so I can finally unveil it here on the blog!

I chose to work with Tiny Prints - an American online stationery service, and selected one that worked best for us among hundreds of beautiful designs. It was a bit hard to make a selection but the site has a few features that I found really helpful:
1. you can save your favorite designs
2. you can upload your pictures and see what your card will look like once finished
3. nearly each card comes with 2 to 3 color options

Accidentally only two photos were taken in Japan, 
and the card doesn't reflect the fact that we are currently living in Tokyo... 
but its message very much resumes our mindset!

As expected shipping cost is high (US$45 to Japan - international priority only) but Tiny Prints always have deals going on and since I did my shopping during the Black Friday weekend, I enjoyed a 30% discount that covered almost entirely the shipping fees. 

The process of uploading my pictures and customise the card was easy and straight forward, and once I had decided on a design it was extremely fast to complete the order.

Other good points: communication went very smoothly and I was extremely impressed by the speed in which I received my order (ordered on a Sunday, delivered the very next Wednesday!). Also the cards come with free envelops which are of a beautiful quality. They are other available options which I didn't choose (lined envelops, your address printed in the back, stickers etc...).

Here is one happy customer who can't wait to have another opportunity to order something via Tiny Print!

Design by Petite Alma exclusively for Tiny Prints

On the left is a Daruma doll from Japan, which I am going to talk about in an upcoming post... Have you ever had one?

Tuesday, January 13

A last glimpse at Christmas 2014...

I wanted to share here on the blog a few more images from my decoration this Christmas, as I will take everything done today... It's time to refresh the walls and think of... Spring? oh, not quite yet.

I worked on the Christmas tree shape this year creating two wall decoration and a window decoration using materials/ items that I had around in the studio from past craft projects. I especially enjoyed making the tree on the wall over the sofa with pages taken from magazines that I keep over the years for inspiration as well as old photos of the kids. The star at the top is an hand-embroidered piece I created for this project. I fixed everything with pins & masking tapes, the easiest way to do it!

Our 2012 greeting card was designed by Bonjour Paper...

The second Christmas tree shape was on the wall above the space reserved to my workshop styling. This one is super easy to put together as all you need is one or two punchers (for the stars & circle paper shapes), shiny paper, a pretty thread and pins. Perfect, don't you think?

Candy jars from Today's Kitchen 
and red decoration pieces from Natural Kitchen (in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo)

I should have probably written this post way before Christmas, but what matters (to me at least) is to keep a trace of my work for the future and others. And obviously these wall decoration may inspire you to do the same for other theme and other projects. Happy decorating friends!

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