Monday, December 1

Mini Me Dolls Workshop


 Hello friends!

How have you been? I wonder how many of you have been busy cooking for Thanksgiving, I hope you all had fun times with your families.
I wasn't feeling too well last week, thus the lack of posts and overall slow activity on all of my social media. I am a bit better now, and I have photos of the last workshop to show you! They were all taken by my trusted photographer Nao Lincoln, I am so thankful for her help!

The theme of this workshop was the Mini Me dolls, and I had started to prep up the house for Christmas - minus the Christmas tree which we made yesterday. I will share more inspiration on this very topic later on the blog... Enjoy the photos!

An embroidered Christmas decoration made last year
Participants could choose their favorite color combination!
A rare photo of me teaching - thanks Nao, loving it!
 Here are the wonderful dolls created by each participants!

I always serve a warm, home cooked lunch after my workshops, and on the menu this month was:
➵ a vegetable soup
➵ a Moroccan couscous, cooked my style
➵ a vanilla flavoured panna cotta with its red berry sauce

And I served a hot chocolate & sesame/ chocolate cookies at mid-workshop to cheer everyone up!

My Moroccan couscous, rich and very very tasty!
Vanilla flavoured panna cotta with red berry sauce

I would like to thank everyone who attended this workshop, we had a wonderful moment all together!

* Workshop organised in collaboration with Niki's Kitchen *

©Photography by Nao Lincoln


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