Tuesday, December 2

Christmas Origami Workshop at Sugar Town {Tokyo}

Last weekend my daughter Chloe, her friend and myself attended an Christmas origami workshop at Sugar Town shop. I initially planned to spend some mother-daughter quality time with her, then we invited a friend to join us. It was raining heavily that day, but we slowly made our way to the shop, which is located near Omotesando. We had a really nice time together with other participants and teacher Yoshida Tsuji. The girls were over the moon crafting together for 2 hours, and they came up with their very own ideas, adding details here and there.

After what the sun was back, and we went for stroll in Harajuku nearby, and had an ice cream!

Irochigai, colourful little sachet to hold your perfume

Sugar Town is a super cute giftshop located near Omotesando 
and they run creative workshops every couple of months. 
Make sure to check out their website!

Color candy houses spotted somewhere in Harajuku - how cute!


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