Saturday, October 25

A Lovely Little Banner

A Lovely Little banner by A Lovely Little Company

Hello everyone!

How have you been? I have just wrapped up the last workshop of the month of October today,  it was just wonderful. I will write a blogpost about it later this week, stay tuned!

In the meantime I have prepared a product review for you of the black word banner by A Little Lovely Company that arrived two weeks ago from bcbasics - wonderfully curated Japanese online shop dedicated to kids designs.

A Little Lovely Company, a Dutch company run by two very creative ladies, offers a wide range of items to enhance your everyday home into something a little bit more unique and special. Thus A Little Lovely Banner, which is the perfect product with original cardboard letters to make your own unique banners.

こんにちは!  だんだん寒くなってきましたが、いかがお過ごしですか?  


二人のクリエイティブな女性が立ち上げたA Little Lovely Companyは、毎日の生活をもっとユニークで特別なものにするアイテムを取り扱うドイツの会社です。この手書き風の文字を使ったA Little Lovely Bannerで、あなたも自分だけのバナーを作ってみましょう。

The package contains 147 cardboard letters, numbers, symbols and metal clips and each letter is re-useable so your message can change as many times as you wish! I thought it would be really perfect for Halloween and I used it in my styling (see photo below - cat not included) but this would be perfect for a birthday party, a surprise announcement, a love message, a nursery or child bedroom or just because you love decorating your walls and play with words!

パッケージには全部で147の文字、数字、シンボル、そしてクリップが入っており、再利用できるのでいろんなシーンにいろんなメッセージを作ることができます。わたしは今回、写真のようなハロウィンのスタイリングに使いました。(猫は含みません。)他にも、バースデーパーティーやサプライズなお知らせ、I love youのメッセージ、子供部屋など、様々な使い道がありますね。

Things you could write with this banner:

☆Happy Birthday☆
♥I Love You♥
You Are My Sunshine
Happy Halloween
Merry Christmas
Be Happy
Have Fun
Paris is always a good idea
Live your dreams
All you need is ♥

"Paris is always a good idea." Audrey Hepburn

Each letter is perfectly cut and has two holes 
to attach them to each others using the metal clips.

Happy Halloween!

My styling shows you every unique letter/ number or symbol available in one package. Every letter/ number/ symbol is available in 2, 3 or 4 copies which allows you to create several words or messages. 

What message/ word would you write with this banner?



A little "behind-the-scene" of how I work and shoot most of my subjects...

* In Japan this product is available online on bcbasics, check it out here!

Japanese translation by Nao Lincoln. Thank you!


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