Tuesday, September 2

The Polkaros Workshop at Sugartown

Cute little pots & fabrics by Polkaros - shop here!

Last Sunday I had booked two spots for the Polkaros workshop which was taking place at Sugar town gift shop in Omotesando, Tokyo. I went with my daughter Chloé (7) as she enjoys crafting, drawing & painting. It was the perfect opportunity to spend some much needed mother-daughter time too! 

It was my first time visiting Sugar Town and what a lovely shop it is. With a great selection of accessories and home decor items from all over the world, it's a very nice spot to shop for gifts. The workshop lasted for two hours and included soft drinks and a sweet. We had plenty of time to chitchat with other participants, it was fun!

above: a Polkaros zine - available here

Here below is the workshop set-up. Everyone had ample space to work and Ros had prepared a really detailed instruction leaflet with some design sample to choose from. We first practised on paper before drawing the outline on the pot with a PEBEO pen for ceramics. I found that step quite difficult and it took me sometime before I was satisfied with the result. The painting was fun and there were various colours to choose from. Chloé and I ended up using a similar color scheme, funny as we noticed it at the end of the workshop!

can you guess who made what?...

At the end of the workshop, the cups went into the oven for about 35mins. It allows the colors to fix and therefore we can use our cups to drink in it. Do I need to mention that they have been put to good use already?

Thank you to Ros Lee for the creative & relaxing workshop and to the team at Sugar Town shop, it was FUN!

Discover the world of Polkaros today!


Ros said...

Thank you for the lovely post! Your pictures captured the shop and the workshop so nicely :) Was really nice chatting with you. Hope to see you again soon!

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