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Playtime Tokyo August 2014

giant letter balloons + polka dot table cloth + pastel colours = 

Let me share with you some photos about the last Playtime Tokyo, the 3rd edition I am able to attend in Japan. Playtime Tokyo showcases children and maternity wear, more than 230 exhibitors reunited in a convenient location at Belle Salle in Shibuya. 
I am enjoying coming back to check out the trend spaces, set up by three different artists, catch up with friends and discover the new collections or new exhibitors. I love paying attention to the multitude of details that rhythm the space and brings to life for three days a very fun atmosphere.

the illustrator of 2014 for all Playtime shows [Paris, Tokyo & NYC] is Philip Giordano

magical entrance hall with mirror balloons and Sophie Cuvelier's colourful buntings

Yasuyuki Wada

On the wall behind the front desk, visitors discover the personal interpretation of Philip Giordano's Playtime Tokyo illustration, made of volumes of paper. 

Yasuyuki Wada is a paper artist whose skills range from design to production, along with hosting workshops. Born in Osaka, in 2006 he graduated from the Kobe Design University in product design. His creations aim to show the physical beauty of paper and its strong potential as a material. source

behind the front desk, an entire wall decorated by Japanese paper artist Yasuyuki Wada

Special Event
Luna Park by Abi Loves

Enter 'Abi Loves' miniature Luna Park where colourful balloons, a fun kids slide and Garrett popcorn are awaiting little visitors. Decorated with Abi's signature decoration 'The fabulous Garlands by Sophie Cuvelier'. source

super fun space and photo booth for the little ones brought to you by Abi Loves

Wandering in the alleys of the trade show, we find...

Trend space #1 
Quirky Carrousels by AKKOMON

Mesmerised by the colourful craziness of roller coasters, our kids explode with joy with every strong sensation. Euphoric, they spin round and round on carrousels with flashing lights and tap all their skills to win the big prizes.

Akkomon lives and works in Hokkaido, where she created an art school for children in 2009. She likes drawing detailed and colourful views of big cities. In 2006 she began to produce what she calls 'semi-solid pictures': drawn with felt tipped pens and coloured pencils, the shapes are then cut into pieces and reassembled into fantastic 3D scenes.  source 

dress by pink chicken; cardigan by imps&elfs

Trend space #2 
Cotton Candy by Sayaka Iwashimizu

Out with the grey;let's look at life through rose-coloured glasses. Adopt a sweeter attitude by devouring every moment like a piece of candy. Suddenly, things seem lighter ans sweeter. Like a current hit sing is telling us, let's be happy!

After studying "Aesthetics and science of Arts" at Keio University, Sayaka Iwashimizu started working  as an illustrator. Her "kawai" and mysterious creative universe evolves from an original figure named "Anoko", which materialises in the form of sculptures and murals, and sometimes in the middle of large scale installations. source

Trend space #3 
Freak Show by Mao Oishi

Welcome in our strange little world where women have beards, men look like animals and strange human beings wear curious costumes. Here reality is skewed like a flaw in the matrix.

MaoOishi lives and works in Kanagawa. In 2009 and 2011, she graduated and did a master course in sculpture at the Musashino Art University. Her work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions all over Japan and abroad in France, Korea and the US. 
Her strange, human-sized characters, half-man and half-animal, incite the viewer to reflect upon our appearance, which provokes - or represents - an obstacle to 'true' love. Sculptures or costumes, these creatures made of flet make us waver between the positions of spectator and actor, between the real and the supernatural. source

a little bit weird but definitely interesting!

Here below are a couple of pictures from labels (Japanese or not) I have discovered in past editions of Playtime or just this year. I lacked some time to cover well the entire show - ideally I would need to go two consecutive days to do it, so please bear with me and enjoy these photos in the meantime. 

Big crush on the S/S 2015 collection of Bonheur du Jour, from France:

Bonheur du Jour

Arch & Line, from Japan, received the Prix Mode from children fashion mag MILK. Well deserved!

le prix mode de MILK

Sophia 203 is another label I follow and love: The Bathing Beauty is a stunning collection of embroidered accessories and wall panels:

shop Sophia 203 here or here

I will introduce you in an another post next month the S/S collection of Les Enfantines, another French label I am following closely, as well as the opening of a new concept store for kids in Hong Kong. Exciting!

And when I was mentioning the little details earlier, I was referring to these images among others: fresh flowers, pastel colours, polka dots... It does inspire me in my own work!

this polka dot table clothes is calling my name! big 

I'm hoping to be able to join the evening party at the next edition of Playtime Tokyo - even more fun!

Keep in touch with Playtime Tokyo!


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