Friday, September 26

Masquerade :: September Workshops {Tokyo}

 ©Etincelle Creative STUDIO 2014

Hello everyone,

September is coming to an end, and wow, hasn't it been a busy month? So much has happened since I came back from France, that I am kind of happy to finally be able to slow down a bit. I wrapped up my last workshop for the month of September last Tuesday, we made felt masks delicately embroidered with beads and sequins. The house was decorated, and I cooked a healthy lunch for all to enjoy after several hours of concentration and hard-work. 

I am more than happy to have many picture to share with you today, thanks to my friend Nao Lincoln who took all of the photos of this post (unless stated otherwise). A big thank you to Nao for allowing me to share them all on the blog today! 

This workshop was organised in collaboration with Niki's Kitchen, thank you Niki-san for your help and support. 

Now let's check out the photos, and please share your comments with me!

Photos above ©Etincelle Creative STUDIO 2014

Everyone created their very own mask selecting the color combination that best suited individual tastes and I loved seeing each piece coming together! Here below is what my first group of participants created... which one is your favorite?

Series of 7 photos above ©Nao Lincoln 2014

I had created a little photo booth on one wall of my living room, and the plan was to take photos with the masks once finished... Not everyone was up for it, but we did manage to get pretty pictures of our participants! I used mt masking tapes to create the stripy effect, the word banner is by OMM-design (shopped on bcbasics) and the honeycombs are from WRAPPLE store in Parco Shibuya.

©Etincelle Creative STUDIO 2014

On the menu for this theme: green salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar sauce, zucchini flans, minced beef stuffed capsicums, homemade focaccia and a pear + chocolate royal shortcake (also called charlotte in French). I also served a homemade pomegranate sirup with sparkling Perrier water as a drink. We all appreciated a good lunch after spending 3-4 hours of sewing!

Series of 10 photos above ©Nao Lincoln 2014

Thank you to everyone who participated, I hope to see you again soon! Happy weekend!


In October, we will celebrate Halloween with Chikako Yamamoto of DDBistro, who is going to teach us how to decorate cookies... Both workshops are already fully booked, but you can check all the details out here.



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