Monday, July 14

NEWS: Online retailer in Japan!


I am ever so happy to announce you that the fabulous Japanese online shop bcbasics is now selling my Mini Me dolls! There are five dolls currently in stock: Alice, Aline, Ariel, Amélie and Agathe. Each and every one was handmade with love by myself in my studio in Tokyo. Their body is made of polka dot fabric, adorned with a big heart in a flower print fabric that I have collected over the years - I am a big fan of fabrics with flowers... and polka dots! The peaceful face is hand-embroidered on a pale pink Thai silk fabric. What's not to love about the Mini Me dolls?

Family picture... which one is your favorite?

Stay tuned as I will introduce bcbasics on the blog tomorrow with an interview of Wakako Williams, owner and founder of the trendy online shop, and plenty of pretty pictures!


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