Tuesday, July 15

Interview with {Wakako Williams of bcbasics}

Welcome to bcbasics!

Hello friends,

I am proud to introduce you today to a fabulous online shop based in Japan and entirely dedicated to the kids world! Wakako Williams, owner and founder of bcbasics, has accepted to reply to a few questions and I am happy to share with you some pictures of the brands currently available online - including a selection of my Mini Me dolls!

ECS: Could you tell us a bit about bcbasics, how did you start the business and what keeps you going? 

I started bcbasics when my second son was born which is 7 years ago. When I travel I buy clothing and goods for my kids, and people were interested and started asking me where I got them. That's how I started a small online-store.

Tour Eiffel mobile by Petit Pan

ECS: How do you select the brands that you want to represent and sell in Japan? Are you attending fairs & exhibitions in Japan and/or abroad?

Our store concept is "Good Design For Kids". We try to select design-conscious but also sustainable items. I am attending fairs about 3-4 times a year in Japan.

Colorful plates by OMM-design

ECS: What is you favorite Japanese magazine dedicated to the kids' world? Which website / blog/ magazines are you reading to catch up with the latest trend?

For the Japanese trends, web magazine cocomag has a lot of information; and my favourite site/ blog is oh joy! (I love it too!!) 
I also like to read the magazine MILK Japon.

bamboo tableware by Sucre Shop

ECS: Would you point out your three bestsellers?

1. Cloud mobiles by The Butter Flying
2. ABC cards by DEUZ
3. Gacha Gacha by kiko+

from left to right: The Butter Flying, DEUZ and kiko+

ECS: To your opinion, what are the key points for a kids label to be successful in Japan?

People are more aware of the importance of organic items...

grey canopy by Numero 74

ECS: Feel free to share with us what's up and coming for bcbascis... Will you add new brands to your portfolio following the most recent additions (Numero 74, Sucre Shop...)

DIY Handwriting style letter banner from the Netherlands, and stylish paper storage bags from Germany will be added soon to the shop. Stay tuned!

honeycombs decor by Engel

bcbasics has a fabulous portfolio of trendy labels including all of the above and many more such as Miller & Goodman, My Little Day, Niva, Fine Little Day, Ferm Living, Noe & Zoe Berlin, KIDSONROOF, Lucky Boy Sunday, Famille Summerbelle and more... 
Fab products and best customer service, what else do we need?

Five bright & colourful Mini Me dolls are now also available on bcbasics! 

Thank you Wakako for kindly replying to my questions, I will keep looking at bcbasics for the latest trendy designs for kids (but not only, for me too!)... Thank you for bringing them to Japan!


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