Sunday, July 13

Sneak peek in Tukutte #2

such an original idea for a little boy! by folk made p.6

Hi there,

Here I am with a selection of my favorite DIY projects spotted in the last issue of tukutte magazine. I have included the links to the blogs of all the lovely ladies behind these fab projects, make sure to check them out! And if you want to check out my project for this issue of the magazine, it's here.

1. by folk made - it has to be my very favorite spread in this issue, especially the page dedicated to the boys designs (picture above) from p.4.

sweet little mice in their pretty clothes...

2. by tolbiac - I have mentioned it in the past on this blog: taking a child's drawing and bringing it to life looks so fun. Something I should really consider doing... p.10

inspired little trinkets... 

3. by tezukuri love - because honestly, Rainbow Loom has taken over the whole wide world!! p.18

 I tried Rainbow Loom, it's seriously fun!

4. by polkaros - when Ros Lee, the creative head behind sweet & colourful label polkaros,  decorates her entire workspace with masking tapes. I was very impressed by the before/after pics, and loved her selection of tapes. Super inspiring! from p.46

 Ros shares other DIY projects using mt tapes as well...

5. handmade life 1 et 2: DIY projects brought to the next level, the one when you start building your own furnitures... starting p.50

6. workshop report with Bon Cadeaux & Sophie et Chocolat - Bon Cadeaux is a lovely boutique located in Ebisu and entirely dedicated to party decor, cute stationery, accessories, wrapping paper and more... This workshop was a collaboration with Sophie et Chocolat and participants created a pêle-mêle to hang photos, invites etc...

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek inside the July issue of Tukutte... The magazine is currently only available in Japan (online), and it always comes with a great DIY kit!

tukutte - July 2014 issue
Available here!


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