Thursday, June 26

Le monde de Sophie et Chocolat {Atelier}


Today I am bringing you over with me to visit Sophie et Chocolat's atelier located in Ebisu in Tokyo. Ebisu is a fantastic place, well-known for its abundance of restaurants and it's a stone-throw away to trendy Daikanyama, eccentric Shibuya and quiet Naka-Meguro. I'd surely love to have my studio-atelier there too! It was my second time visiting the team's atelier for a meeting, and I enjoyed looking at all the knick-knacks, vintage or not, that Chieko-san and Kyoko-san love to collect when travelling. What an eclectic mix!

I am loving this handmade crown that Kyoko-san shopped in Vietnam, a great alternative to the paper tiaras I have been making lately! And below are the lovely hand-embroidered brooches I had mentioned in my previous post, so cute and well-done!

I was accompanied by my two children this time as they are already on holidays. They enjoyed the atmosphere as much as I did, especially the vintage Barbie toys! It was funny to witness how differently a boy and girl will interact with (girls) toys. My son was fascinated by the castle as you could open and close it with a key. I let you imagine the !

Visit Sophie et Chocolat's webiste today!


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