Saturday, June 28

A Little White Dress {Event Report - Tokyo}

Hello there,

Here is a report on last weekend's event at Gallery Aqui in Tokyo. I had done a photo shoot with my daughter, published last week on the blog (read here),  with a pretty white cotton dress handmade in the Philippines and imported in Japan. There were plenty more for sale at the event, as well as Mexican baskets/home decor by trensa, handmade brooches by Calaverita and mugs by nicoxNICO. I got a little bag (similar to the one in picture #6 with the mugs below) and I have been using it everyday ever since. A summer essential!

Mexican decoration by trensa

Gallery Aqui is holding a new event this weekend (June 25~29, 2014), presenting elegant dresses, vintage lace and accessories. Check it out!



場所:gallery Aqui 
154-0012 東京都世田谷区駒沢5-23-9

Thursday, June 26

Le monde de Sophie et Chocolat {Atelier}


Today I am bringing you over with me to visit Sophie et Chocolat's atelier located in Ebisu in Tokyo. Ebisu is a fantastic place, well-known for its abundance of restaurants and it's a stone-throw away to trendy Daikanyama, eccentric Shibuya and quiet Naka-Meguro. I'd surely love to have my studio-atelier there too! It was my second time visiting the team's atelier for a meeting, and I enjoyed looking at all the knick-knacks, vintage or not, that Chieko-san and Kyoko-san love to collect when travelling. What an eclectic mix!

I am loving this handmade crown that Kyoko-san shopped in Vietnam, a great alternative to the paper tiaras I have been making lately! And below are the lovely hand-embroidered brooches I had mentioned in my previous post, so cute and well-done!

I was accompanied by my two children this time as they are already on holidays. They enjoyed the atmosphere as much as I did, especially the vintage Barbie toys! It was funny to witness how differently a boy and girl will interact with (girls) toys. My son was fascinated by the castle as you could open and close it with a key. I let you imagine the !

Visit Sophie et Chocolat's webiste today!

Sunday, June 22

A Party Lesson {Sophie et Chocolat - online shop}

Zebra mask!

Hello friends,

It's been a very busy weekend again over here, filled with fun, great food and friends. A little bit of shopping as well as planning for our upcoming trip to France at the beginning of July.
I didn't have a chance therefore to write this post earlier although I really wanted to. Two of the felt masks I had created for Sophie et Chocolat's event last weekend are now available online. You can also grab two sets of cupcake toppers and a paper tiara as well as other cute goodies. 

Discover below all the goodies I have created for this event, and shop for some of them online (link under the related photos).

the very popular zebra mask is bundled p with a cute mini-zine at only 3,000yen
... shop it here!

The tiger mask is also sold withe the mini-zine for only 3,000yen ~ shop it here!

All my masks are my original designs, and they have been 100% handmade by myself using felt and cotton thread. The only machine sewn-piece is the label in the back!

Cake and cupcake toppers (pink&white polka dots) handmade in paper and sold 
with glossy pink heart-shaped plates, a mini-zine 
& a surprise box - 1,500yen only here

Cake and cupcake toppers (red&white polka dots) handmade in paper 
and sold with glossy pink heart-shaped plates, a mini-zine 
& a surprise box - 1,500yen only here

Delicate paper tiara - 1,500yen here

Here below are photos I took of all of the other items made for the Party Lesson event. They have been sold out but if you are interested in one of the designs, please feel free to contact me via this blog or by email at marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com. The lion mask may be my current favorite! 

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures, which animal mask could I do next? I want to add to this series a cat, dog, mouse and maybe horse. A bird would be real cute too, don't you think?

Wednesday, June 18

A little White Dress {Event}


Coming up this weekend is yet another event you may want to check out, and rightfully so if you have children. What will be in store? Pretty cotton dresses handmade in Philippines (in Manila) and imported in Japan and colourful baskets from Mexico by trensa, a perfect match!
It will take place at Gallery Aqui in Setagaya-ku, right by Komazawa park. My daughter Chloé is lucky to own both a dress and a cute blue basket so we set up a little photo session at the park for you. Enjoy!

©All photographs by Marie Maglaque

Here below is the Japanese translation with all the information (source):


gallery Aqui』にて2014年6月20日(金)〜22日(日)の3日間、「ベビーとキッズの白いコットンウェアと小物展」を開催します。主催者は『 Hanakoママ』などで、キッズのかわいいファッションページを手がけるフリーランスエディターの牧田ちえみさんです。
前回大好評だった「trensa」( のメキシコ雑貨やかご、小物作家の森寿々奈さんのアクセサリーや小物も販売いたします! 以下詳細をご覧ください。






場所:gallery Aqui 
154-0012 東京都世田谷区駒沢5-23-9

★「渋谷」駅5番乗り場より、東急バス「渋82等々力行き」で、「駒沢公園西口」下車 徒歩2分、「渋12二子玉川駅・高津営業所行き」で「駒沢」下車 徒歩5分

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