Sunday, May 11

Peter Pan Party Feature in TUKUTTE - Part 3 {Shooting day}

Mathias (4), Chloé (7) and Ariel (7) were the stars of the day!

Hello friends, continuing with the series of posts on the Peter Pan party that was featured in the first issue of Japanese magazine tukutte, here are some photos that I took on the shooting day. The shoot took place at my place and we had three lovely children being part of the adventure. I had made costumes for the two girls (tutus & ballerina outfits that I customised with yellow pompoms, magic wands & crowns) and the little boy was wearing a Peter Pan outfit made with felt. 

... styling the table the day before the shoot... 

... the fully styled table with food & drinks: cupcakes & cookies by DDBistro

... I made a banana cake in the morning of the shoot. 
Because there is no birthday party without a birthday cake...

... my daughter Chloé (7) posing gracefully before the shooting took place...

... Photographing the children was probably the most difficult task of all! 
It was challenging to have them all smiling at the same time!

... my wall illustration featuring Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, made with mt masking tapes. 

I realised the wall illustration above using mt masking tapes and printed figures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. It was the background to the photos taken with the children and it worked out really well. It took me maybe about three hours to complete it as I had to pre-cut the thin stripes of masking tapes to make the stars. Since then I have experienced working with the mt slim range of tapes, much more suitable for this kind of work! 

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