Thursday, May 1

Peter Pan Party Feature in TUKUTTE - Part 1 {crafting}

My work (and my kids) in TUKUTTE magazine - Tokyo, April 2014

... but how did it all happened??

I have been dying to share with you this very special work I have produced this past January-February for new Japanese craft magazine TUKUTTE (read "tsukutte"). It all started last September when the editor-in-chief of the magazine spotted me at the Handmade Marche I attended in Shinjuku.
I had produced individual booklets featuring the parties I had created in 2013 and they caught her eyes! 

We met several times afterwards and I got really happy and excited when I was asked to create a party for TUKUTTE, due to launch in April 2014 at the Hobby Show in Tokyo. The party theme had to be suitable for boys & girls so we chose Peter Pan & Tinker Bell. The brief included creating all the paper goods (cake & cupcake toppers, banners, goodies bags, cutlery sets, cups and glass bottles decoration). I also made the costumes and my kids were involved in the shoot! It was INTENSE!

Special thanks to our amazing and trusty sponsors: mt Japan, Martha Stewart Japan and WRAPPLE wrapping and DIY who supplied mt tapes, punchers, papers... and more! Now allow me to share some behind-the-scene pics of the whole crafting's fun to see how a sketch evolves into the final product.

I love to start by selecting materials when I have to work on a brand new party theme. Sometimes a textured paper, or a specific color will help me to envision the final table decoration. Other times I will work with a given tool (i.e punchers) or material (i.e masking tapes) and exploit the many ways to use it to achieve what I have in mind.

I have a couple of more posts on the TUKUTTE party feature scheduled in the coming days, stay tuned!

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