Wednesday, May 28

About the Hobby Show - Sophie et Chocolat

Opposite my booth at the Hobby Show was the Sophie et Chocolat booth, super stylish, fun and also very ... French! I was introduced to their work thanks to the editor of Tukutte as they were also featured in the first issue, but we only met while setting up our booths at the Hobby Show. 

Chieko Onodera (manager/designer) and Kyoko Hatanaka (director/ designer), pictured below, are the two wonderful ladies behind Japanese label Sophie et Chocolat. They are passionate by French vintage items, polka dots, glitter materials and parties and their styling is just... delicious! 
Sounds like we have a lot in common, doesn't it?

Kyoko Hatanaka and Chieko Onodera

I took the photo below next to the big wall featuring an image from their feature in Tukutte magazine.

The little girls loved them of course, especially after spotting a Barbie horse in the Sophie et Chocolat display... Did you see it?

©All photos by Marie Maglaque - All rights reserved

Stay tuned as we are proud to announce our upcoming collaboration for an event in June that will take place at tote shop in June 14 & 15!! Tanoshimi ni!

©Photos above by Sopie et Chocolat - All rights reserved

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