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About the Hobby Show 2014 - The Set Up

At the entrance...


I am having a hard time to keep up with my posting schedule about my exhibition at the Hobby Show with Tukutte magazine... The reason is, I have participated to another exhibition right after the craft show and I am currently working on 4 other projects for June!

Let's go backwards to April 23, the day the set up took place at Big Sight exhibition center in Odaiba, one day before the show started. My booth was quite big (4x2m) and it took me 6 hours to complete the whole decoration, with the help of Shimojima-san (Tukutte's editor's assistant).
We were exhausted at the end of the day - you can guess - but we went celebrating our hard work and had dinner all together, Japanese style!

above: Big Sight exhibition center is located in Odaiba, Tokyo

My booth was part of the Handmade party at Home exhibition corner organised by Nihon Vogue, also publisher of Tukutte magazine. Other exhibitors in this space included Sophie et Chocolat, Arne & Carlos, etc... which were all featured in the first issue of Tukutte magazine.
Below is a photo of the bare booth as I found it when I arrived (although you'll note that this picture was taken after). I was able to choose the accent color of my booth (one wall + the shelves) and I opted of course for my favorite hue.

Halfway throughout the set up... I have taken out and displayed most of the items for the three party themes (Frozen / Peter Pan & Tinker Bell / Pirates) but I yet have to work on the shelves, the walls decoration with the masking tapes (as created for my feature in Tukutte magazine) and fine tune my styling for the three tables. Later on we also decide to lighten up the paper lantern hanging above the Peter Pan table. 

A little bit before 7pm we have completed the set up! I am really happy about how things turned out, but I have a nasty headache - I am awake since 5:30am and the day has been rather exciting and busy! The plastic sheets on the floor will be removed later on by the staff. The center is still bursting with activity as many more booths aren't finished yet. I wonder until what time this is going on... the exhibition starts the next day at 10am!

Ready for the show!

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WRAPPLE wrapping and DIY store (Parco Shibuya, Tokyo)
Martha Stewart Crafts (Entrex)

Thank you to Chikako Yamamoto of DDbistro for providing the beautiful sugar cookies!


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