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About The Hobby Show 2014 - The Crafting Process

Ticket to craft heaven in Tokyo: The Hobby Show!


How have you been? Now that I have shared with you the whole story behind the party feature for the first issue of Tukutte magazine, I can follow up and share with you the work I  have created for the booth at the 38th edition of the Tokyo Hobby Show. The Tukutte team offered me to participate and decorate my own booth last February and I had to work on Kids Party decorations. We chose two themes other than the Peter Pan and Tinker Bell one, and here below is the final sketch I submitted to my editor. The booth was pretty big (4 x 2m) and until the last minute I was worried to not have crafted enough decoration items. It all worked very well though, and my biggest satisfaction was probably to see that the end result looked exactly as in my sketch!

Today I am bringing you along with me on my crafting journey which lasted the whole month of April. Every single item featured in the booth has been carefully (and lovingly) handcrafted by myself, call it labor of love!

Frozen      Peter Pan & Tinker Bell      Pirates

[ Gift wrapping ]

There is no birthday without gifts, and gift wrapping is one of my favorite crafting activity. I used mt masking tapes, Martha Stewart punchers, tissue paper and some pretty wrapping papers that I had already at the studio to create fun presents. I have boxes full of paper scraps, tags, pompoms and all kind of threads that I find come in handy when I am crafting presents. I followed the color scheme for each theme: 
- light blue/ pink and silver for the Frozen theme
- royal blue, red, black and silver for the Pirates theme
- shades of green, red, gold and kraft paper for the Peter Pan & Tinker Bell theme

[3D Papier Mache Letters]

The letters came from WRAPPLE (wrapping and DIY store - Parco Shibuya), and I chose the biggest size available. I decorated them individually with masking tapes and different types of paper (some from WRAPPLE, others from Tokyu Hands or Yuzawaya). My Martha Stewart punchers came in handy once more to create the pretty frise on some letters - such as the "P" below.

[Paper cakes]

I couldn't use "real food" to decorate each table accordingly, so I had to come up with paper cakes - a minimum as you can't really celebrate a birthday party without at least a birthday cake. I wished I could have crafted pretty sweet and other food out of paper as well, but this will be for another time... For my paper cakes, I used round boxes, papers, lace and feathers. I also designed the cupcake toppers by hand (pirate party) or using the Martha Stewart punchers - so useful!

I also crafted a paper lantern, which I had done in the past for another party, following this fantastic tutorial [check here]. In the States, you can find the paper circles already made but I haven't seen any here in Tokyo or in Singapore so I am usually cutting them myself. 

And to end this post, here below is the organised mess right before I started to pack it :-)

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WRAPPLE wrapping and DIY store (Parco Shibuya, Tokyo)
Martha Stewart Crafts (Entrex)

Thank you to Chikako Yamamoto of DDbistro for providing the beautiful sugar cookies!


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