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About the Arts Festival Exhibition - Part 1


Now that the series of posts on The Hobby Show is all done, I can share with you another project I have worked on at the beginning of May, thanks to Yellowren. An art boutique based in Singapore, Yellowren organises every year an Arts Festival in both Tokyo and Singapore. The Tokyo edition took place at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku from May 2-7, 2014. I had proposed to decorate a  wall using my beloved mt masking tapes on the exhibition theme: Between Us. 

The pronoun “us” is often used to represent the connection between two persons or that within a collective. Yet what are the dynamics and synergy that develop spaces to create “us”? Do “us” refer only to human relations? What about connections between people and their physical environment? 

Inspiration struck one evening in April and I came up with the sketch below which attempt to express one's constant struggle to find balance in life. In my case, finding the balance in my daily life in Tokyo the megalopolis, knowing I grew up in the green and wild country side of France. How does one deal with the pressure, the speed and the pollution offered in the city? It is especially hard when you have experienced another lifestyle in the past, more laid back, relaxing and easy-going. The stars all around represents the space/ universe (le firmament), something we all have in common no matter where or how we live; the roof over our head. 

I used the colours of the masking tapes to reflect this, bright/ happy colours to depict the "lost heaven" and black/ silver/ grey to illustrate the titanesque city. One challenge was to manage to create curves with he masking tapes and I am happy to report that the range of slim tapes (3mm) by mt work really well and allow you to create all kind of shapes. I will make sure to increase my collection and explore more in the near future. As I was constantly thinking about the realisation of this wall decoration while working on the Hobby Show set up as well, I came up with the idea of creating a three-dimensional art, bringing some details up and towards the visitor. What I didn't plan however was how well would this idea work with the lighting available at the gallery. It projected several shadows on the wall, adding to my own work. 

Two photos above by Kanako Furukawa - used with permission

Here below is the piece of art created by Kanako Furukawa of Yellowren in her inspiration notebook after tearing off all the tapes used to create my wall decoration. I was really happy to see it!

photo by Kanako Furukawa - used with permission.

Here below are photos of the gallery with all the artists installations. I will share my pictures of other's work in Part 2 of this series on the Yellowren Arts Festival exhibition. 

my work was at the back on the left wall.

I hope I inspired you to create more decoration at your home using the wonderful masking tapes and paper. They are so fun to work with and so easy to adapt to any surface, try them out!

Mark up your calendar to see the Singapore edition of the Arts Festival:

Location @ Singapore

Lower Seletar Reservoir

Intersection of Yishun Ave 1 and Lentor Ave

29 – 31 August 2014 . Friday – Sunday

click here for details

©All photographs - unless otherwise stated - by Marie Maglaque


Fenny Setiawan said...

Marie, your work is amazing. I love it. I also love Sandy superhero plush. I am so happy both of you have an avenue to continue your creativity. All the best :)

Marie Maglaque said...

Hi Fenny, thank you so much for your comment, and for your constant support. Your words make all the difference! Let's keep pursuing what we truly love :-)

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