Wednesday, April 30

Soon! Arts Festival 2014 {Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo}

I am getting ready for the upcoming Arts Festival by Yellowren, which will take place at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo from May 2-7. I will decorate a wall using masking tapes on the theme "Between Us"... here below is a glimpse at what I am planning to create!

I am inviting you all who are in Tokyo during this time to come over and have a look at the work of all artists represented at this event such as craft artists Sandy Ng (aka The Cookie Cutter) and Katrina Alana, jazz musicians Polkadot + Moonbeam, illustrator Chu Wei, photographer Phua Boon Wah, visual artist Kanako Furukawa... and more!

Opened to the public since 1998, the Design Festa Gallery is a cosmopolite gallery that offers a space for anyone and everyone to showcase their best artwork. It consists of 21 showrooms and 50 individual display sections to suit each and every theme or budget (you can event rent the restroom as an exhibition space!). Workshops, movies, product launch, art exhibition,... everything is welcome at Design Festa Gallery

Mark your calendar!

What: Arts Festival 2014 brought to you by Yellowren from Singapore
Where: Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku, Tokyo
When: May 2-7, 2014 (11am-10pm)

Tuesday, April 29

In Summer ~ Les Enfantines

I discovered the wonderful French label Les Enfantines at the last August edition of Playtime Tokyo, and I was immediately hooked by their collection and beautiful selection of materials. Les Enfantines was founded in 2011 by Laure Gues, a descendant of Jeanne Lanvin - one of France's most respected fashion designer back in the '20s-'30s. The label has a distinctive French style, neo-retro rather than bohemian, and uses sumptuous fabrics (cashmere, silk, wool, Egyptian cotton, Mokuba ribbons...) & prints (Liberty and their new in-house designs) with impeccable details and finitions. Their statement piece is the removable collar that allows to quickly update a look and easily navigate throughout the day (from a visit at Grand-Ma's to a birthday party).

Be the first to check out the Spring-Summer collection in the online store! click{here}

Les Enfantines
12, rue Guichard
75116 Paris
+33 984 14 01 01

Les Enfantines Hong Kong online store
(Asia Pacific)

Friday, April 11

Bracelet Embroidery Workshop {Tokyo, Spring 2014}

Hello friends!

I kick started my series of workshops for Spring this week and my students worked on a delicate hand-embroidered bracelet. I had selected a wide range of colours among the collection of Toho Beads (a famous Japanese brand manufacturing glass beads of high quality) and each participant could select their very own colour combination. It was a beautiful day from many point of views: great company, relaxing atmosphere and good food to end up the workshop. What else to ask for?

I also unveiled my Easter 2014 decoration theme - you may have seen a few sneak peeks here and there over the past few weeks. I chose to work with a subtle color palette this year and only add a few key elements: the honeycombs hanging from the ceiling, the rabbit night-lights, the DIY golden branch, the frame and of course the eggs!

I have added a list at the bottom of this post with links & source to shop the items I have used for this styling, check it out - leave your comment/ inquiries in the comment section if you have any. Enjoy!

No better meal than one cooked with friendly people at home!

Where to shop? 

* Honeycombs: from WRAPPLE in Shibuya Parco and also available online at BCBasics

* Rabbit night-lights: again online on BCBasics or in Tokyo at Bonton Daikanyama

* Silver frame with rabbit illustration: both from IKEA. I have customised the frame with masking tape to suit the theme colours (I do this all the time!)

* Cookie jars: from Today's Special in Jiyugaoka (western suburb of Tokyo)

* Paper cups & paper doilies from WRAPPLE (see link above)

* Mini ceramic rabbits & hen, plates & mousse au chocolat cups from Natural Kitchen in Jiyugaoka

* Handmade jewellery box: amazing range available at BOX&NEEDLE in Futako-Tamagawa. I highly recommend their workshops, I made this box myself last year at one of them.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you are in Tokyo and would like to join my workshops, there are two more coming up in May 2014 (online booking only - limited seats available). Book your spot today! click HERE.

Thank you

Monday, April 7

Graphic inspiration {LOGOS - Tokyo}

As I was exploring Parco Shibuya last week, I stumbled upon a pop-up shop* at the LOGOS gallery selling book covers with the most variety of graphic designs. You could pick up 5 sheets for 500yen, how awesome? I assume these are used to cover books (yep, I wrote it), however I will display the 10 sheets I bought in my house or keep them in a file for further use/ inspiration.

Which one would you have picked?

LOGOS Gallery
Parco Shibuya B1
Access map

*The pop-up shop took place from March 12-26, 2014

Friday, April 4

Arts Festival 2014 {Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo}

Friends, I am happy to share a lovely news with you all today. I will be participating to the upcoming Tokyo segment of the Arts Festival organised by Yellowren, a Singapore-based boutique art company. The event will take place at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku at the beginning of May. 

Yellowren is a fusion name, yellow being the 'color' of the Asian majority and 'ren' being the Romanization of the Chinese character, '人', which means people. Yellowren Productions is a boutique arts company based in Singapore. The company envisions to effect lives with stories of renewal and to emerge the transformation of communities through spaces of the arts. 

I will create a wall decoration using masking tapes on this year's theme < Between Us > as described:

The pronoun "us" is often used to represent the connection between two persons or that within a collective. Yet what are the dynamics and synergy that develop spaces to create "us"?
Do "us" refer only to human relations? What about connections between people and their physical environment? Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 brings you "Between Us", an experience for all to create conversations, break barriers, appreciate simplicity or bridge emotions that may lend meaning to our daily interactions with others, objects and nature.

Then there is the exciting part when everyone of you - no matter where you are on this planet, can participate: a photography open call for city dwellers, to submit photographs of view from your windows. In how you see your world, the city you live in. Selected photographs will be presented at an exhibition held during Yellowren Arts Festival 2014, both in Tokyo & Singapore.
Deadline of submission: 9 APR 2014 (Wed) @ 23:59pm
Visit for more information

I am very much looking forward to participating to this event, will you come check it out?

Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku

Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku
from May 2 - 7, 2014
Access map

School bag set 2014 {Kids}

Hello! Here are a couple of pictures of the set of school bags I have been working on last week while my own kids were on holiday. A little Japanese girl is joining a kindergarten and it's compulsory in Japan to make (or get made) a set of bags following very detailed instruction. I made three sets in total last year (here and here), and just one this year... I loved that Oto-chan allowed me to use this fantastic IKEA fabric that her mum provided me. Blue base with the cutest birdies & leaves - usually little girls are always going for pink. I lined all three bags/ pouches with a navy blue polka dot fabric and used a blue pompom trim as an highlight. This fabric would make really cute cushions, don't you think?

Tuesday, April 1

Sakura 2014 {Tokyo}

in Den-enchofu

It has been a long and tiring day and I could just go to sleep already, but I really wanted to share with you the series of pictures I took on Monday. It's the season for the cherry blossom here in Tokyo, also called sakura, and you may know that it is celebrated nation wide. It's also my favorite time of the year and I am usually out everyday to admire the beautiful trees. Of course there are many popular spots in Tokyo to do o-hanami (which literally means watch the cherry blossom*) and I took 2 hours off work on Monday to take pictures of one of my favorite destination: the cherry blossoms along Meguro gawa (river), and especially in Naka-Meguro. The first 4 pictures were taken in Den-enchofu and the rest in Naka-Meguro - with my iPhone and I haven't edited them.

If you are visiting this week, make sure to drop by and check out Naka-Meguro. Another of my favorite spots include Yoyogi-koen (preferably for a picnic with friends), and I have heard that Shinjuku-koen is gorgeous but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. The cherry blossom usually last only for about a week, but if you in northern Japan you will be able to enjoy it until the end of May (in Hokkaido). You can check the forecast for the entire country on this map

Let's enjoy Spring!

* o-hanami: hana means flower while mi comes from miru which means to watch.

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