Thursday, March 13

Easter Party


It's time to share some pictures here on this blog of last year Easter Party styling, created and realised for the fabulous online party shop Beautiful Revelry. Ann created the paper set in this color scheme, and I worked around it to come up with a low-profile, easy to put-together party table. No extravaganza! There would be much more chocolate featured if I was living in Switzerland, unfortunately Easter isn't a Japanese tradition, therefore you can't find any chocolate eggs, rabbits, etc... at the local supermarket.

I worked on some paper cut (the two 'eggs' in the basket) using the pattern from the post card, and hand-painted some eggs with ink. If you don't plan to eat the eggs, you can also apply stickers of various shapes (related to Easter) before spray painting them. Let dry then remove the stickers!

Credits: stationery set design by Beautiful Revelry
Concept, production & photography by Etincelle Creative STUDIO 

Where to shop?
- paper straws, wooden cutlery, wooden tag & baker's twine from Beautiful Revelry (online)
- small rabbits and basket from Natural Kitchen in Tokyo 
- tray and plant pots from IKEA
- rabbit light available at various shops, including Lark Store (online)

I will come up with a new theme for this year's Easter, with a color scheme including gold, peach, lilac, light pink and white. Keep your eyes peeled! 


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