Friday, March 14

Cafe Vector {Todoroki - Tokyo}

Setagaya burger at Cafe Vector - 1,280yen

For those of you living in Tokyo or visiting soon, here is a place to check out (among million other, we agree). Truth be told, there are countless cute caf├ęs in Tokyo and Cafe Vector is certainly not the cutest. However it's located on the way to my kids schools (convenient) - nearby Todoroki train station, the staff is very friendly and they serve awesome burgers. I may not be a burger connoisseur (after all I am French) but it's been tasted AND approved by the Mr. (who is Australian and makes awesome BBQ).

Every burger comes served with wedges and tomato sauce, no fancy presentation here. The burger's size is pretty big by my own standard, and what makes it special are its wholewheat pillow bun and the patty: juicy, tasty, tender and cooked to perfection. The Setagaya burger (above) features a patty, an egg and some bacon, some melted cheese, salad, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise. My favorite however is the avocado cheese pictured below (1,180yen) and it features avocado, patty, melted cheese, tomato, salad, pickles and mayonnaise. The cafe also has a terrasse which we will put to good use as soon as the weather improves significantly... Note that you will have to wait a little bit before being served, it's part of the deal!  

2-30-21 Nakamachi
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3705-5061

Opening hours: from 11am to midnight/ closed on Tuesday.
Lunch time: from 11am-3pm
Tea time: from 3-5pm
Dinner time: 5pm-12am

And I read that cafe Vector offers delivery as well - you must place your order in Japanese I guess. No English spoken :-)


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