Thursday, February 27

Playtime Tokyo Part 1 - Trend Spaces

 Illustration by Postics (Ken Mizoguchi)


I am really happy to report on Playtime Tokyo again this season - I attended their last August's edition, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was twice as big! About 230 Japanese and international brands were presenting their Fall/ Winter 2014-15 collections and there was much to discover indeed. It was also their 10th edition and it felt special, Happy Birthday Playtime Tokyo!

I have written two posts, introducing first the fun and inspiring trend spaces and the artists who created them (Part 1), then some photos of items I had a crush on (Part 2). Expect some more posts in the near future on my fav brands too! 

Ever since its creation in 2007, each year Playtime selects a new artist to illustrate its fairs. Let me introduce you to illustrator Ken Mizoguchi of Postics who has created the absolutely wonderful illustrations for all three Playtime Paris, New York and Tokyo this and the past season (see photo above and here . I am totally inspired by the cute and playful characters that interact magically in all three designs!

 above: collector T-Shirt & huge balloons at the entrance ♡

Trend Spaces/ Theme: LIGHT

Divine Light
Artist: Noa Haim of Collective Paper Aesthetics

"Teleported to the heart of the Bizantine empire, our little lovelies get transformed into icons. Gold adorned garments. Prints in mosaic or stained glass patterns. Cardinal red inflames the outfits."
Source: Playtime Tokyo

Artist: Nuico

"In a outburst of colours, tones explode and are projected and multiplied, to offer the lightest of light shows. Night lights up thanks to neons, flares and other kinds of artificial lighting. Shadows make room for light." Source: Playtime Tokyo

above: jumper by imps&elfs / skirt by mim-pi / cap by ten / umbrella by ready mades
above: jumper by ami amie / skirt by picnik barcelona

Aurora Borealis
Artist: Soya Asae of Morning Picture

"In the light of dawn, the ice floe reflects the colours of the plumes slicing the arctic sky. Swaddled in their downy clothing, protected from the polar chill, our little angels watch peacefully as the dawn of a new day rises."
Source: Playtime Tokyo

above: pullover by ami amie / pants by nellystella
 above: jacket by dreamers / sweatshirt by hebe / skirt by arch & line 
gloves by / shoes by pom d'api

I have been most inspired by the Fireworks and Aurora Borealis themes as I can totally imagine party decoration based on the colors and/ or materials. Which one do you prefer?

:: Stay tuned for Part 2 of my report coming up tomorrow.


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