Monday, February 24

FROZEN Birthday Party Styling

The latest Disney princess film seems to be all the craze these days among 7 years old girls... We only found out about it last month, when one of my clients in Singapore asked me some advice about party decoration on the theme of FROZEN (La Reine des Neiges in France). So I did some research and showed the trailer to my children. Big hit! The film hasn't come out in Japan yet, and we are all waiting impatiently to be able to watch it. Nevertheless my daughter who turned 7 today asked me if she could have a Frozen party for her birthday.

I don't usually like to create parties on Disney characters, but I happened to have created a Let it Snow decoration for my January & February workshops, and I thought it could work quite well for a Frozen themed party... I had very little to add to make it work! 

Of course if I would have to make it for a client, I would probably work on more details referring to the film. We ran out of time and couldn't create anything with Olaf, the sweet and funny snowman, and I also didn't make any cupcake toppers. I could have had a pretty banner, or add some blue paper pompom on the wall. Possibilities are endless! I opted for a color scheme that would suit my existing props: white, icy blue and red. 

I made all the food myself, so that was already quite some work... I limited the amount of sweets as I am not a big fan of dessert tables - gorgeous but so unhealthy. On the menu: 
- sausage + cheese rolls
- cream cheese & ham mini-sandwiches
- chocolate cupcakes (no frosting, but I sprinkled icing sugar at the last minute)
- cold milk served in the glass bottles
- mandarines
- mini Loackers biscuits
- mini marshmallows
- a majestic birthday cake (I will share the recipe in another blog post).

If you'd like to know where my props come from, here we are:
- big straws + star crochet decoration + white lace trays + white lace plant pots + glass dessert stand from IKEA
- candy jars from Today's Special (in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo)
- paper pompom wall decoration from DAISO
- snowflakes stickers from Yuzawaya
- glass bottles are recycled bottles from a lemon drink available in Japan
- white cake stand from Spotlight (in Singapore)
- snowflakes crochet decoration were handmade by my Grand-Ma
- masking tapes (wall decoration) by mt Japan
- small rabbits from Natural Kitchen (in Jiyugaoka)
- candle number from Tomizawa (a baking shop in Denenchofu, Tokyo)
- heart felt garland, table cloth, star and other toppers handmade by me

I will share my recipe for the cake later this week as I need to translate part of it in English. I have spend a lot of time making it, and it was absolutely delicious and so worth it!

Mademoiselle ChloƩ, happy to turn 7!

I hope you enjoyed my latest party styling, feel free to ask me anything about it in the comment section below. Also I have started a Pinterest board to collect my favorite inspiration for this party, feel free to browse it here.

Have a lovely week everyone!


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