Wednesday, February 19

Earring Workshop Recap - February 2014

Here is a quick recap in pictures of last Saturday's workshop. It started to snow on Friday morning (on Valentine's Day!), and kids were off school. Since I had I had a lot of work to prepare for the workshop the next day, it wasn't quite ideal for me... but I love watching the snow falling, and the decoration theme of this workshop being Let it Snow, it was kind of perfect! 

By Saturday morning the traffic situation was quite bad, with slow public transport or trains not working at all! Many messages were exchanged back and forth to decide wether we should postpone this workshop or not... it was a bit stressful since I had already prepared some of the food to be served, and of course done all the grocery shopping for it! We finally went ahead as three participants out of 6 could make it that day. Great!

My three students did a wonderful job and created very lovely earrings with new color combinations again! I love it and I feel so inspired by the work produced during my workshops, it's wonderful! 
I served a vegetable pie with mixed baby leaves salad topped with walnuts & blue cheese. For dessert, a butter cake with its white vanilla frosting. I slightly changed the recipe and added squeezed lemon juice to the batter. It gave it a very nice flavour, I am glad I tried!

I am taking a couple of weeks off to reenergise and prepare the next sets of workshops, until June. I also missed sewing and I would like to create a couple of new pieces to show to my students. On top of this, there will be the Hobby Show at the end of April and my exhibition + the collaboration with Japanese craft magazine Tukutte... Plenty of work ahead of me!

Have a lovely day!


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