Tuesday, February 18

Cookie Decoration Workshop Recap

Here is a quick recap with pictures of last week's cookie decoration workshop for Valentine's Day. I had a guest instructor, Chikako Yamamoto of DDBistro and all I had to worry about was decorating the house and cooking lunch - for 11 people which was a first for me! It went really well, and I believe that everyone enjoyed the time spent together and the skills learnt... Here below are all the pictures I managed to take during the workshop!

For the decoration, I added a heart felt garland and little red hearts to my existing "Let it Snow" decoration theme and it worked really well I think. I had also prepared wrapping kits for participants to bring back home and wrap their cookies once they are dry. It included pink & white heart-shaped doilies, ribbon and a  mini-wooden cloth pin decorated with a cute felt heart.

I realised too late that I hadn't taken any pictures of all the food I cooked... too bad!
On the menu that day there was:
  • Cranberry juice served in glass bottles
  • Homemade hummus served with fresh baguette
  • My Grand-Ma's mixed vegetable clear soup
  • Handmade pesto pasta salad with roasted cherry tomatoes, zucchinis and parmesan
  • Luscious chocolate cake - an original recipe by Nigella Lawson
  • Green tea

I prepared the pesto the day before. It was SO tasty!

It was hard work to prepare everything but it was well worth it as always. Every participants went home with their set of cookies, the packaging materials and the recipes of the food I served for lunch.

I will share pictures of the second and last workshop of the month later today. Stay tuned!


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