Saturday, February 8

A Cooking Workshop {Him}


It's about time I mention on the blog a completely different set of workshops that has been happening at our home since last December. The Mr., whose passion is clearly working his magic behind the stove, has been taking it to the next level by teaching cooking workshops via Niki's Kitchen. He's currently focusing on Filipino cuisine (he's Filipino after all!) and exploring the huge variety of dishes that The Philippines have to offer. 

Philippine cuisine evolved over several centuries and throughout periods of colonisation. It is said that Filipinos came from Malaysia and Indonesia and occupied the 7,000 or so islands that make up The Philippines today. "On a Malayan base, Chinese, Hindu, Spanish and American ingredients have been added through centuries of foreign influence and, surprisingly, a blend with an identity of its own has emerged." [source]

That makes for a very unique & tasty cuisine, believe me!

The photos featured in this post are from last month's menu:
  • Ginger tea (welcome drink - not pictured)
  • Embutido: Filipino version of the meat loaf.
  • Pork Giniling served with rice: ground pork mixed with potatoes, carrots, red pepper & peas. 
  • Leche flan (not pictured): a dessert that reminds me of our French flan au caramel. Made of egg yolk and condensed milk + caramel on top.
I had never tasted Filipino cuisine before getting married, and I still have a lot to learn about it even after nearly 8 years of marriage. If it can give you an idea of how much it has to offer... 

Pork giniling served with steamed rice

He gives two to three workshops every month (mainly during the weekend) and the menu changes on a monthly basis. I am never home to assist him or just take pictures, because, hey, someone has to mind the kids!

If you are in Tokyo, maybe you should try it out and check what Filipino cuisine is all about! More information on Niki's Kitchen's website (in Japanese).

Enjoy your weekend!

Sources: History of Philippine Cuisine by Jennibeth Montejo Alojado 


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