Thursday, January 23

Valentine's Day 2013 {Party Styling}

Hi everyone,

Going through my archives this week, I thought I should share here on my blog a party styling I have created just a year ago for Beautiful Revelry for Valentine's Day. We named it < Valentine's Day Brunch > and our color palette included peach, mint and silver glitter.
Ann of Beautiful Revelry provided me with the stationery set (paper goodies) and I created a table around it. Since I never shared the full set of pictures over here, I thought it was appropriate to showcase this pretty styling + I added a couple of never-published pics as well. 


Where to shop?

2014 © Creation & Photography by Marie Maglaque 
for Etincelle Creative STUDIO 

I hope you enjoyed this little "Throw Back Thursday" styling post, I will make sure to share other styling shoots I worked on last year in case you missed them!

Happy Day!


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