Wednesday, January 22

Earring Embroidery Workshop - Tokyo

Student's remarkable work - January 25th

Hello everyone,

I have been able to work on a blogpost resuming the last two workshops of this month. I have one more to come on Saturday, but I couldn't wait to share the beautiful work done by my talented participants!

I usually prepare one sample only of the project with my own choice of color combination, and I am always very happy to see what participants choose among the colours I can offer. They inspire me!

Workshop preps the night before the actual workshop...

For each set of workshops, I am decorating my house or create party decoration to inspire my students. This month's theme is "Let it Snow" and I decided to work with white, silver and icy blue colours. Using white paper flowers (DIY kit from DAISO), I decorated my walls as if they were snowballs. I imagined snowflakes using masking tapes and I recycled the branch I used as a Christmas Advent Calendar for my daughter to hang beautiful snowflakes made with a crochet by my Grand-Ma (it was my Christmas gift from her this year!). I also displayed the three little guys I made with clay last month and reading [LOVE] [JOY] [PEACE] on top of a winter landscape by a French artist [Pierre Bertin] of the area I come from. 

Since my workshops always last 3 to 4 hours and usually start in the morning (while my kids are at school), I always serve a hearty home cooked lunch and some snacks. This month on the menu:
  • Hot chocolate as a welcome drink (although I served it with dessert yesterday)
  • Sausage rolls on a stick (mid-workshop snack)
  • Mixed vegetable pie + green salad with blue cheese bites, walnuts &my mom's dressing
  • Glorious buttercream cake with its white vanilla frosting

Here below are some pictures of the work by my students - aren't they talented? Unfortunately I am not always able to take pictures of everyone's work, as I am usually getting caught up by lunch preps. It's something I want to be better at as I like to look at the pictures afterwards and feature them here. Most of my students are complete beginners and they are doing so well, you can do it too!

The 7 pictures above feature my student's work 
over the 3 workshops I have given in January 2014. Amazing!

I am proposing DIY kits for these earrings, so if you feel like trying to make them please email me to ask for more information []. I shall have them available online in my Etsy shop next month...

Thank you!

Upcoming workshop in February: Valentine's Day cookie decoration with guest instructor Chikako Yamamoto. I am currently collaborating with Niki's Kitchen for my workshops so please kindly check the website and make your booking online [here], thank you! 


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