Friday, December 6

December Workshops: making a Christmas ornament {Tokyo}

In December I am conducting 4 workshops in collaboration with Niki's kitchen, all on the theme on Christmas. Participants are making a Christmas ornament made of a doily base and hand-embroidered with sequins. We then share a home-cooked lunch together at the end of the workshop. 

I had the first two workshops this past week (on Tuesday and Thursday), and it was fantastic! I served  spinach quiche, vegetable soup, a cake and vin chaud for lunch and we all spend a very great and creative moment. My participants were friendly and they enjoyed making new friends and sharing a couple of hours together at my home. Here are a couple of pictures taken during the two workshops. I haven't taken any pics of the finished projects, as I was as busy as a bee in my kitchen getting our lunch ready to be served. I will do better next time!

The chocolate cake above is a recipe by Nigella Lawson, her infamous old-fashioned chocolate cake that was passed on to me a couple of years ago by my good friend Hilary. Scrumptious!

If you live in Tokyo, check out Niki's Kitchen's website for the entire schedule of cooking workshops. My husband is starting is own cooking workshops next weekend, also via this website ~ tanoshimini!


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