Friday, November 1

NEW Favorite Shop: ACME {Jiyugaoka - Tokyo}

Hello friends,

As promised here are some pics and a quick review of a newly opened furniture shop in Jiyugaoka (a western suburb of Tokyo). I knew ACME Furniture from their Meguro Dori shop, and I am really happy that they opened one so close to my home. ACME is specialising on both new and vintage 20th-century-style American furnitures, and I spotted real gems when I dropped by two days ago to check it out. I love their industrial-style lights and tables, and they also have very nice rugs (price range between ¥5,700 to ¥40,000). I personally need a coffee table and I could easily spot a few models that would suit me (price starts at ¥42,000 up to ¥140,000). And even if you don't need to buy furniture, the space offers a great deal of inspiration to decorate your home!

ACME Furniture Jiyugaoka
2-17-7 1F
Open from 11am to 8pm


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