Friday, November 1

Halloween 2013

Let's wrap up the Halloween madness in one post and only remember the best moments, shall we? I was really happy and enthusiastic to create special costumes for my two children this year, and I did spend a great deal of hours shopping for materials and putting things together. I did little sewing however, except for the super-hero cape and hand-sewing the mask, so I believe anyone would be up to the challenge of making these costumes!

My daughter wanted to be a witch and we found this easy tutorial of a spider web cape in felt, pretty easy to make and so very cute. Check it out and bookmark it for next year! {here}

My daughter's school teacher asked me kindly if I could help him with a craft project for Halloween, as he had found this fantastic tutorial of a spider on Youtube {here}. I had to practice a few times before mastering it without the help of the video, and it was fun to do it with the girls. Try it at home, it's creepy and could make a great decoration with your spider web...

My son wanted to be a super-hero but he kept changing idea about which one specifically... so I told him he could be a mix a them: Flash, Spiderman, Iron man... and I made him a cape, bought a mask at the gadget store,  and customised a pair of old pants + T shirt with felt. Easy peasy! I was first inspired by this image found on Martha Stewart website.

My son with his teacher (above)... All teachers at his school were dressed up as minions, so VERY COOL!!! All the kids had so much fun at their little street parade, I love his school :-)

We did a little photo shoot early morning yesterday in their costumes, too early for me perhaps... and we ended up the day with a long, exhausting trick or treating parade in the streets of our neighbourhood. It was fun though!

What did you do for Halloween this year? 


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