Tuesday, November 12

Galerie Doux Dimanche {Jiyugaoka}

Les Accessoires de Peikko

I haven't taken a break from the blog but was rather too busy working on the upcoming Feria de Canastas event and two workshops that will take place in December (more on this later on).

Last week I had the chance to drop by the Galerie Doux Dimanche shop in Jiyugaoka, before the end of the exhibition Les Accessoires de Peikko. I admired the delicate and poetic crocheted accessories: the floral earrings, the cute pretend medals or the delicate necklaces. Galerie Doux Dimanche mainly sells stationery, home decor items and accessories by French designers such as Petit Pan, Famille Summerbelle, Nathalie Lété, Tsé & Tsé Associés and more... They are also famous worldwide for their delightful collection of books on interior decoration [Edition Jeu de Paumes].
I was extremely happy to see that they are now selling the creations of Fifi Mandirac and Abigail Brown too! They regularly hold exhibitions at the shop, so you can expect more posts coming every month - read the one I wrote about Emma Cassi's exhibition [here].


Galerie Doux Dimanche - Jiyugaoka


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