Saturday, November 30

Feria de Canastas - Part 2 {Tokyo}

Let's continue the discovery of our Feria de Canastas event throughout the pictures that I took yesterday at the opening. My guess is that I will have even more pictures to share tomorrow, so you can expect a Part 3 coming your way soon!

Even though the event focuses on baskets of all shapes, colours and styles, there are many other gorgeous items to browse and buy - for yourself or loved ones. The doll below is on my wishlist, and so are the small baskets. There are silver jewellery pieces for sale as well, I will share pictures tomorrow. And how unique and beautiful are the candles?

Happy weekend to all of you!

Feria de Canastas
Gallery Aqui
from November 29th (Fri) until December 3rd (Tue)
10am - 6pm (4pm on Tuesday)


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