Friday, November 29

Feria de Canastas - Part 1 {Tokyo}

Hello friends,

Today was the first day of the Feria de Canastas event I am participating to in Tokyo. I was in charge of decorating the two windows facing the outside, and I also created a few accessories using Mexican materials. I loved working on the event, as it allowed me to do the two things I like most: decoration and creating accessories. I was very inspired by the Mexican handicrafts - it's very colourful and flowers are very well represented in the patterns, and I enjoyed coming up with unique ideas, embroidering simple hand-woven baskets, creating pouches using vintage re-purposed pieces of fabrics and bunting banners from embroidered table clothes.

I have many photos to share, so I have divided them into two posts. Here below is a glimpse at what you will discover if you come visit us this weekend... My friend Yuko Anderson, founder and owner of trensa, and the initiator of this project, has done a wonderful job curating all the objects on sale during the event and displaying them. 

Feria de Canastas is taking place at Gallery Aqui, a new space located in front of Komazawa koen, one of the loveliest park I know in Tokyo. The 1964 Olympic Games took place there so there are a lot of infrastructures left from that time and three fantastic playgrounds for kids to play (the pig-, horse- and squirrel-themed playgrounds). As you can see in my pics below, the atmosphere in the gallery is very mediterranean, warm and welcoming. 

I will publish the rest of my photos tomorrow morning, and I hope to see you over the weekend at the gallery - if you are based in Tokyo of course! I have added the access map (in Japanese) below, and you can also check the event page here (in English) and here (in Japanese).

Edit: Check out Part 2 here.

Feria de Canastas
Gallery Aqui
from November 29th (Fri) until December 3rd (Tue)
10am - 6pm (4pm on Tuesday)

Access map:


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