Monday, November 18

DEUZ {bright toys for imaginative kids}

Let's start the week with the bright, fun and eco-friendly French label DEUZ, dedicated to creating graphic toys for imaginative kids aged 0 to 10Y. Since 2010, sisters Marie & Charlotte (with the help of Elsa) are brainstorming constantly to come up with the most original graphics and reinvent children's classics, such as Jeu de l'Oie. I have fond childhood memories playing this board game with my sisters (at that time there was no iPad!), and I personally love that the DEUZ version is washable and easy to bring everywhere - it certainly won't add up any weight to your luggage :-)

I have asked what is the story behind the label's name: childhood memories are, of course, involved. Stories of races with their cousins, counting (in French kids language) "prems, deuz, troiz..." in order of arrival - the "prems" being the #1, "deuz" the #2 etc...  
DEUZ is also a significant number, since the two sisters are working together as a pair, and also collaborate with artisans, retailers, bloggers... 

I have shown every products on the site to my kids, and the ones below were our favorites - in no particular order, we love them all!! 

Christmas is coming up, so I thought it was the perfect timing to introduce you to this collection of fun and interactive toys by DEUZ, a great alternative to mainstream toys. And maybe best, your kids will love playing with you - is there anything else they enjoy more than having your full attention?

DEUZ :: Website :: Facebook :: Retailers*

* Since I am living in Japan, I would like to specify that DEUZ is distributed here by BCBasics.

All photographs DEUZ©2013 - Used with permission


wakako said...

Thank you very much for introducing DEUZ and also thank you for mentioning our company name, too!
I shared your blog link on our Facebook page.

Wakako from bcbasics

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you Wakako! I have missed your comment, not sure how and why! You are most welcome, I am happy that DEUZ is distributed in Japan. And many thanks for sharing my blog on your FB! Marie

Marie Maglaque said...
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