Tuesday, November 5

Best Fish & Chips in Tamagawa

I had mentioned in the past this little fish & chips joint but never actually shared it her on the blog. Since we stopped by for lunch this past weekend after a long bike ride, I thought it was the opportunity to take some pics and share them with you. Delight Tamagawa - Best Fish & Chips is located in a little wooden house in Tamagawa, just a few minutes from the train station when you are walking towards the river. Great spot to stop by after a ride, walk, run or play along the Tama river, it's super friendly and serves delicious food... just have a look at the pictures...

Seats are limited, especially outside, which we think is the best place to be when you have two active kids... or when you enjoy watching people passing by.

Above: this is the small portion of fish & chips: light and crispy batter & homemade chips. It doesn't get any better! Below is the cheese burger, with a juicy piece of grilled beef patty. Beware that the chips are served with a copious amount of herbs and pepper, which you may want to avoid if you have young kids...

Happy kids make happy parents, or is it the opposite? Dinosaur provided by the place to keep your kids busy while waiting for the food :-)

Best Fish & Chips
1-55-14 Denenchofu, Ota-ku
-> Tamagawa station


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